A while back I entered a contest hosted by Applegate Farms called ROCK THE BOX. It was a contest offering a new lunch box and to enter all you had to do was share your favorite school memory about food.
Me and food go waaaaaay back! My snobbery days involved shunning the french bread pizza and asking the lunch lady to make the “circle pizza” when i was in kindergarten. And in junior high, I spread rumors about the GRAY hamburger meat they fed us… which is why i often ate the ice cream they sold instead of actual lunch… i actually think the ice cream was more nutritious LMAO!
My winning memory was the jumbo soft pretzels that the entire school would get after lunch about once a month. I remember seeing hundreds of brown boxes FILLED with soft pretzels and the Hissing sound from everyone pumping their fists in the air saying “Yessssssssssss!” (ah, the ’90’s). I remember picking off the salt of my pretzel, LMAO (divas start young) and enjoying every bit of soft pretzel while in class (eating was forboden in classrooms). But yes, pretzel day was always the best day ever in elementary
So i won the cutest lunch box ever. Kind of like a bento box packed with coupons and stickers and a handwritten card.

Its got 5 contaners! and can even hold a water bottle on top.

Can’t wait to try it out! thank you Applegate Farms for loving my pretzel day!
More free things…

Betty Crocker sent me some potatoes au gratin… I have had this for a while. I just have reservations about potatoes in a box. I had hardly anything in my cupboards for dinner and gave in to my hunger.

I was really scared. this looks gross. Like a sea of- you know what- you get the idea. Its nastee looking.
I put it in the oven for 20 minutes and prepared some grilled chicken and “creamed Spinach“.

So, potatoes au gratin- Never had the real thing but thought the instant stuff was just okay. I could make this myself… dont know why I havent tried it before. I thought the potatoes had a weird texture and the cheese sauce was a little gritty. Everything else tasted great. I put some smoky BBQ sauce on my chicken… it was like a lightened up comfort dish.
The potatoes stats aren’t as bad as one would think; one serving is 150 cals. not bad.