I love Mexican Food (revision: i love ALL food) and the problem with loving food so much is that it loves your body back by hugging it in places like the gut and hips and never lets go!
So… I found this Smart Ones with Chicken Enchiladas! I love enchiladas- recently made some for my mommy that were gobbled up! I figured I would give this frozen entre a shot for lunch.

I love the sante fe rice and beans entre and really really had high hopes… It smelled intoxicating and everyone was craving mexican food… Can’t lie- it was fragrant in the most fantastic way.

HOWEVER! there was a BIG problem.
Not kidding. I went to take a bite and noticed my enchilada was a bit on the “flimsy” side. I investigated.
OH THE HORROR! its not even CHUNK Chicken. Its chicken Puree! GAG! What good is food if there is no texture?!?! the smells were spot on. The flavor totally destroyed because of mushy texture.
Hi lunch, meet trash.
I was in no mood to skip lunch or deny my Mexican cravings. I just so happened to be reading Midtown Lunch and found an entry for a downtown Mexican Food… it was like the foodie Gods felt bad for me and gave me a sign:
1- i work dowtown
2- this place got great reviews
3- i wanted good mexican food.
I placed an order and 30 mins later (after the delivery guy got lost)
This was on my desk. This aromatic ginormous thing was sitting on my desk and calling me to dive in.
This is all Smart Ones’ fault for making a shitty Mexican Entree. After first bite, I needed a moment of silence to fully enjoy what was going on in my mouth. Spicy, perfectly assembled, tasty as hell burrito.

I called my mother afterwards and even she knew about this place. Obviously, I can’t eat this as often as I would like but Tajin really made my day when they saved my craving and restored my faith in quick Mexican Food… I might attempt to recreate this. *MIGHT*
Last week, Carol came to NY on business with some of her students. As is tradition, Carol and co. always kidnap me and I take them to my fave places. This year was no different from the last. As has become the tradition, Carol suggested going to Tu Casa, a yummy lil peruvian spot up the block from my house and Crumbs, a bakeshop that makes MAMMOTH cupcakes in a wide variety of flavors.
My battery flaked out on dinner , so no pics, but we all ate well! As the norm, Carol and I ate Arroz Moro y pernil con tostones y salsa verde al lado. fan freaking tastic. Rice was cooked perfectly and roast pork was juicy and garlicky.
I always gain weight when carol comes to visit ! LOL
At crumbs, we decided to try some new stuff!
Carol and I split the Twinkie Cupcake… oh my heaven. Moist yellow cake surrounded by a lightly sweet cream that did have a cupcake-y slash twinkie taste. it was topped with cake crumbs. Really enjoyed this!
And since it was a spur the moment thing, I picked up some Cupcakes (new and old) to share with Henritos who was stuck at work (boo!)
Also, we had an argument that day and I have come to find that Cupcakes are the best way to say sorry! LOL.
argument? what argument? MMM Cupcakes!
The one right in your face is a new flavor: Chocolate raspberry curl. It sounds great! It seems decadent but this is not one you can sit down and eat in one sitting. It reminds me of the chocolate covered jellies I used to buy in the bodegas in Brooklyn (memories!) but after a few bites I needed to put this baby down. Too rich!

To the left of the raspberry curl is a tried and true favorite. CAPUCCINO. This cupcake is a coffee lovers world. Its not too sweet but has a rich caramelly coffee smell with some chocolate cake to balance out the richness leaving this cupcake to be the perfectly balanced ball of YUM.
To the LEft of the Capuccino is a seasonal cupcake. PUMPKIN. the innards reminded me of carrot cake. Very cinnamonny- nutmeg-y with walnut and raisin chunks. I mean, you cant go wrong with Pumpkin EVER! Great holiday favorite. I recommend getting one before it goes away till next year!
Lastly, a favorite among most. RED VELVET. My very first experience with Red Velvet came from this cupcake. Moist. Sweet. deep red. RED VELVET. So good! henry gave me a bite and then said he couldnt share anymore… Babe, I understand- its that good!
I ordered a coffee to sip while I drooled and photographed. Carol took this pic. CHEESE!
and Cheers to yoU! SLURP!
Have a great weekend!