Before you get all Drooly on me… on my way to work I noticed several BRIDES with postcards. They were working for Sun Crystals and handing out recipes using sun crystals… and giving out free cupcakes and cookies. Momma told me never take candy from strangers but she never mentioned cookies. I took a cookie. I tasted it. I thought it was the most revolting thing ever made with fake sugar. And whats with the design? Looks like a cookie with little frosting “pee-pees” on it.
Anyway, with my cake carrier in tow I tossed the lame as penis cookie and presented this to my buddy Rose.

It’s a 3 layer devils food cake with vanilla frosting. Due to time constaints I made a box variety but the heart and effort was still there! i wish i had a chance to photograph the innards but it was gone really quickly. this was my first time making a 3 layer and i have to say its quite pretty on the inside. When one makes a 3 layer though, they end up shaving a lot of cake to make it all pretty and stuff! I thought ahead because there was another birthday the following day so i had plans for the cake shavings!
TRUFFLES! Cake truffles to be exact. This is a great way to use up leftover cake.

Crumble cake scraps into a large bowl with some frosting. Mix it up really good until it looks like mush.

Roll cake stuff into bite size balls…

and place them on a cookie sheet that is lined with wax paper. Place the bite size balls in the freezer for about an hour…or if you’re me put them in the fridge for a day.

On day two set up a double boiler or a pot of simmering water with a heat safe bowl on top.

fill with chocolate chips of your choice. I used semi sweet chocolate with a drop of cream in it to loosen it up.

stir till melted. The next step is not shown because my assistant had to go… but take the cake balls and roll them in the melted chocolate till fully coated. Use a fork to scoop the new TRUFFLE out of the chocolate and tap off excess chocolate- then place back on the cookie sheet.

This was my first time doing this so it was a bit messy- but in my opinion if it tastes good- its okay to be a lil messy… right? refrigerate.

Decorate if you wish. Birthday Girl’s fav color is green.. so green it was. Serve cold. Otherwise they melt and look like poopie.
Oh, the verdict? DEEELISH! they did not taste like cake- they were rich and fudgey and totally worth all the time! Not expensive to make either so if anyone is looking to make a fancy treat- here it is!