Happy Halloween everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend. I took my Mickey Girl to a parade (dressed up as a lady bug) but left the camera at home (stupid diva). Then she had a visit with the vet on Sunday (ugh, the bridge closures because of the marathon!) and the vet techs were taking pics with Mickey. *sorry to interupt your lil photo shoot but can we get some medical attention???* 4 hrs later we were running errands.

I had split the last of the amish muffins with Henry for breakfast with about a bucket of coffee. Even with the extra hour of sleep i am still pooped! And i love to sleep all weekend (lazy).
When we got home, we were feeling the rumbling in our tumblies. I had jackshit in my fridge because i needed to grocery shop. Luckily, i had some pasteles in the freezer and about a cup of rice left in the cabinet… arroz moro and pasteles for din din.

Since it was just me and henry, I didnt need the big calderos so i took an action shot of my calderitos.

Rice a bit sticky. I am determined to make this rice perfect! I have tried every tip and trick around and I think next time I will just make a regular portion of rice because at least that comes out decent!
God Bless henry because he ate the rice and took the leftovers! Even going so far as to say it was the best I have ever made. But I am hard on myself and I know i can do better… I will keep trying people!

pastele was perfect… but all i did was boil the heck out of it.
This was a very bland post today. Im covering a few shifts but i got some good stuff coming up!!!

Oh yea… i cheated. 🙂 Apple pie donut anyone???