When I took my sushi making class, I was really dreading 6 hrs of sushi making but the 6 hrs flew by and I left with a plethora of tips on making sushi at home. Seriously, its not as intimidating as it is time consuming. If you have made rice before-you are halfway to making your own sushi.
I get much inspiration on my way home from work as to what I am going to have for dinner. On this particular day I had nothing ready to eat except for some leftover sushi rice. I thought it was the perfect time to demonstrate how you really can stuff whatever you like in your sushi and even make some substitutes.
I have a tiny amount of counter space but i make it work. I have a bowl of warm rice in my sink, bamboo mat on a cutting board, avocado, bowl of water for wetting my hands, plate, sharp knife, and my sushi stuffing.
(a common misconception about sushi is that it contains raw fish but really, sushi means SEASONED RICE…. isn’t that amazing? So, if it has seasoned rice- its sushi even if its stuffed with spam and eggs)
Now, about my stuffing…
I told you, you can put whatever you like in your sushi. I was really in the mood for spicy tuna. I really WASN’T in the mood to go to the fish market for some raw tuna (and then freezing it and putting it in the food processor) so I improvised with the tips from Chef Scott and Chef Vicki “Canned Tuna is a GREAT substitute for a spicy tuna roll”. All i needed to make this happen was sriracha (check!) and mayo (check!)…oh yeah and tuna (check!)
I put a heaping tablespoon of mayo on top of some solid white tuna that has been drained. Then i added a generous squirt of the chili sauce.
mix it with a fork and tweak according to your tastes. For me, the spicier the better!
Add your rice to your nori and a smear of this spicy tuna mixture and roll.
They come out great. I served these at a party once for a group of sushi lovers and they didn’t notice it was canned tuna. I even got an ANTI sushi person to taste it because “there is NO raw fish in there” and he loved it.
Couldn’t get a good shot so i posted both. But the texture is slightly more dry with the canned variety but the flavor is all there. and side note: chili sauce plus mayo equals that spicy mayo they charge you extra for at the restaurant!
I made a lot of rolls and had been fighting off cravings for rice balls (aka onigiri)… since i had a small amount of spicy tuna left, I gave a homemade rice ball a whirl.
its a triangular wonder sold in asian markets. Most commonly stuffed with cooked fish or meat and is awesome because of its texture.
As soon as your roll it, you have to eat it. The Nori is meant to be crunchy when you bite into this.
craving satisfied!!!!
and here are the leftovers. Henry’s brother was grateful. (they were big fans of the spicy ones!)

Get off your booty and make sushi- its easy!