As I have mentioned before, I am an avid reader of Midtown Lunch. Every Friday, there is a post on a Downtown Lunch and since I am a downtown luncher I always make an attempt to try the latest “thing”.
Last week, Downtown Lunch Correspondents sought out a new food truck that was getting a lot of attention before they even opened.
Frites n Meats. A new truck located on Greenwich Street and Chambers Street. They sell burgers and fries. ONLY. What got my attention is that they were offering Kobe and Grass Fed Angus. A little pricey but when you want quality, you have to dig a lil deeper into your wallet. My first attempt to go was on Friday with some coworkers. Friday being the 2nd day they were open… the line was 30 ppl deep at 1 pm and someone said they were waiting for 30 minutes already… I decided to postpone to a day where I could get there early.
Like around 12 noon? Noon is so early for lunch, in my opinion, I felt like i was eating breakfast! But I had to try this place… and I was glad I chose noon as my lunch hour. About 5 people were in front of me.
When you first arrive at the truck, you grab an order slip, enter your SUPER HERO NAME, and then circle your burger fixings.
I chose angus because ground Kobe is a sin and angus would make a better burger. Gruyere cheese, applewood smoked bacon, mesclin lettuce and onion jam on a potato onion roll. I also ordered the fries with a garlic aioli dipping sauce.
I waited for about 7 minutes. They called my Super Hero name and I collected my lunch for a total of $11.50. And before i left i realized my ginger ale was not packed. I got it and walked the 12 blocks back to my office. I was really looking forward to this hyped up lunch truck…

Great googa Mooga- this baby looks fab! The smell was of grilled beef. I couldnt smell anything else… like Bacon.
They forgot my bacon. I really think that bacon on a burger is like macaroni with cheese- you need both. I pressed on because I was not about to walk 12 blocks for bacon!

I took a few bites… and dead smack in the center- RAW MEAT. I kid you not this baby was stone cold in the center. With all the news on a new bacteria in beef I spit it out and hope to the heavens above that i would not get sick.
I was pretty forgiving for the lack of bacon but once I saw raw meat I decided that I had to let them have it! No way can you get away with charging me $11.50 for burger and fries and fuck up everything there is to fuck up!
Here is my list of “Oh No They Didn’t”‘s
– No bacon!
– Dry, tough roll. When I think potato roll I think buttery and soft… this had the texture of day old focaccia which is not what Im looking for in a burger
– “Moooooo”. Did you hear that? It was my burger. Mooing. I can handle medium rare and in fact, I order ALL of my burgers medium rare- this baby was raw. Blood red. Cold. Charred on the outside, still breathing on the inside. Gross.
– the fries! Can I get some fries to go with the salt? They pile on the salt.
– the garlic aioli needed more aioli- it tasted a bit like pureed garlic. Too pungent.
Okay… I am pretty peeved about this review. I guess it was hyped up too much and I got there and was extremely disappointed! I hope this is a beginners fluke. I hope they read this and figure out how to make it right! I hope that if I ever go back there that I will eat these words and write up a glowing review.
As Kim so noticed, I ommitted my super hero name… WHAT WAS MY SUPERHERO NAME?
It really should have been something funny or quirky but being that these dudes call out our names in the middle of the street and I didnt have any superheroes in company I chose MONIQUE… but Wolverines was a close second in honor of The Bloggess.