I love FALL!
I also LOVE the YANKEES! Sorry Phillies Fans- the Yanks took it in SIX baby! Yeah! I am tired from watching the game. But this win brings back memories from when I was a Junior at Edward R. Murrow High School during the SUBWAY series… I cut school (GASP) and had front row seats to the most historic tickertape parade in Baseball! I stood in the cold for my yankees and this year I am walking distance from the parade… Might just sneak out at lunch time to cheer for my boys!
Its been a while since I posted pics of Mickey Girl. She stood up watching the game with me too so she was a wee bit tired.
Every morning when i wake up, Mickey jumps in my bed while I go brush the teeth and what not. She behaves quite humanly when she takes MY PILLOW and uses it as HER PILLOW with blankets and all.. I tend to leave her like that until its time for her walk where she bolts out of bed and waits by the door…
I couldn’t resist taking a photo. *Click*

She heard me… oh well..*click*….

Wide awake now and probably a little annoyed about the lady with the FLASH at 7 am. But i said “Walk?” and light lightning she bolted outta bed.
As I was walking her, I thought about my photos stored in the camera. Fall is fabulous, I can’t say it enough but pumpkin has got to be the STAR of fall. Its everywhere! Drinks. Pastries, pastas, soups, sauces, etc etc. I have begun a small project of my own…once I get my hands on some pumpkin butter…
but for now. some pumpkin porn.
Starbucks. Pumpkin Scone. Pumpkin latte.
The scone was moist and cakey- delicious to wash down with something hot… like coffee MMMM. I have soem vanilla pumpkin pie coffee at home that I cannnot wait to brew! And the pumpkin latte from starbucks… its okay. Not as Pumpkinny as I like but maybe because i paired it with a pumpkin scone??? the latte was a little on the bland side but I think a dash of cinnamon sugar would wake this baby right up.

Pumpkin Ale. My darling Henry has left on a business trip and will be gone for a while – *lip quivers* i will be so lonely… who will i cook for now??? (local gals- this is your chance!) But Henry came over with some Pumpkin Ale because for his last night I was in the mood to cuddle with him, drink a beer and watch the game (although he hates baseball). It was kind of nice being able to teach SOMEONE the basics- everyone is always teaching me! The beer was delicious. Waaay in the back of my sip I could taste a bit of spicy pumpkin pie…i loved this baby! DEELISH.
I made a few days ago some light, fluffy and super moist pumpkin bread. Feast your eyes on recipe here.
and Finally….
The Pumpkin MUFFIN! This one is from Dunkin Donuts. I love their pumpkin muffins! moist. sweet. and duh- pumpkinny. However, I am no longer going to DD’s. My roomie suffered a SERIOUS burn from them and in my opinion…until they make it right with HER- it aint gonna be right with me!
Feel Better Dara- We’ll get those F*ckers!!!!
Adding a poll to todays post:
Typically I will post about FOOD… if an opportunity came about for me to review a Feminine Product… would it grosss you out that its on a FOOD BLOG or would you be interested in anything i reviewed???
Just asking…