Happy Birthday Henry!
Of course Henry is away on business right now so he can’t see this birthday message. But he can take a peak into his suitcase to find his present along with this card. I take a lot of time to card hunt because there are so many cards and honestly, getting a crap card on your birthday is inexcusable. My honey knows me best as a funny girl so i nixed the mushy cards and went straight for the humor. I had to share because it split my sides!
in case you cant see ” So, anyway, I’m standing in line to buy you a freakin’ birthday card and the line is like seventeen billion people long ’cause the only thing the dumb teenage boy at the register is thinking about is the dumb teenage girl at the other register, and some dumb lady is turning her purse inside out to come up with “exact change”, like shes gonna get some kind of “exact change trophy” or something, and some idiot starts up with his “this item was marked with the sale price” crap, and I just really hope you like this card…

’cause i stole it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
LOL. I am sure he will get a kick out of it. and I was sure to write in my own mushy stuff on the other side. My problem with greeting cards is that i try to fill up all the space I possibly can. I give people novels to read for special occassions. Its not nice but half the time it cracks them up.
So, he’s gone.
I am lazy.
I don’t feel like cooking (gasp) so i reach into the freezer and pull out something you would be very surprised to see in my freezer.
a frozen stir fry. When regular fresh stir fry is effortless. Ugh the laziness!

I think im gonna be disappointed!

But I give it my best. I cook up the precooked chicken. Its kind of like chicken paste formed into strips…

Add the rest of the precooked things. stir it around. Give it a good effort.

and add the sauce.
My thoughts…
not great.
Too much sauce. Too garlicky… too fake tasting? Thats what i get for being lazy. I could have been more creative eating a bowl of cheerios.
There is a massive crowd outside! Go YANKEES!