In case you were wondering about Friday morning…
I am a Yankee fan. But Friday morning, I was really not loving my office location as I heard Parade Goers chanting and screaming and what not. I took a shot of the crowds walking towards the parade and that wasnt even the worst of it! they were spilling into the street and two streets were closed so they could accomodate the crowds. But the crowds are gone! whew!

I really wanted bacon and eggs but I settled for savory cheesy grits. I make the instant kind (i know, blasphemy) with some butter, salt, pepper, and cheddar cheese. My only bummer came when i reheated it; it totally lost its texture and i wasnt really into it. Fresh Grits are far far better!

Snacked on a mini larabar or as i like to call them Lara Bites. This thing was maybe 3 bites. I really like the apple pie flavor. Texture is kind of gag-inducing but if you take small bites you can hardly notice. 😀

DEAR POM- FINALLY a pom drink i can guzzle from the bottle! It was a GENIUS idea to put nectarine and Kiwi in the juice. Regular POM is too tart for me and i hate diluting it. I loved this. This was fantastic! Keep up the good work!!! and the rest of you: go get your antioxidants and drink your Flavored POM! YUM!
For lunch I was feeling something different. I got some salad and was prepping some chicken to go on top of it. But what to season it with???

Dressing. I used this Goddess dressing as a marinade to see what it would taste like. It was completely amazing. Goddess dressing tastes like a nutty caesar dressing to me and thats because it kind of is. It has tahini in it. So i marinated some chicken chunks

and threw them on a hot pan. The dressing provided a nice coating to the chicken and toasted up beautifully; upping the flavor!

The golden brown bits on the chicken were my favorite part.

And when the chicken cooled off I piled it onto my salad. I snuck a bite and the marinade is amazing. Garlicky, good amount of salt, nutty and going to be on all my chicken salads! I spritzed this salad with italian vinaigrette. Divine!

At snack time I had a hand full of raw trailmix. It was a great enery boost. And quite a hefty portion for one!

At dinner time I went home to an empty home (except for Mickey- my baby pie). Henry will be on business till December and I am already missing him. Without much motivation, I took a peak into my freezer and took out soem asian stir fry veggies from the freezer to make my own stir fry. I didnt take pics (because i forgot) and ended up boiling some whole wheat spaghetti noodles, stiry frying the veggies in lots of garlic and a touch of sesame oil. when they were crisp tender, i threw in some baked tofu. and then the cooked spaghetti.

My sauce is made up of cornstarch, soysauce and a little chicken broth. I add salt and pepper and a dash of powdered ginger. As you taste your sauce you will know what it needs. Mine needed garlic. so i added garlic and finally sat down to a HEAPING bowl of stir fry veggies and lo mein. a la Diva. 🙂
I have some pics from the weekend but not as many as i normally would. While eating some cereal, I broke one of my molars in half. I am on soft foods for now… but regular food should return after tomorrow when i have my tooth fixed. HOORAY!
(see what happens when Henry leaves?? I fall to pieces!)