I had a day off. I’m off today too! (i know, you’re jealous). I was enjoying my favorite past time… watching food network ALL DAY. Much of my cooking enjoyment came from the influence of Ina, Paula, Rachel, and Giada. So when I had watched my 3rd episode of Everday Italian with the Lovely Giada I felt like cooking something Italian.
Spaghetti and Meatballs… Hell yeah! And not just any ol spaghetti and Meatballs, but my grannies recipe. This is some serious stuff. Im about to dish on a family recipe…
Wait. I should think about this.
Screw it. You need to see this!

Get your goggles and chop up 1 medium onion and 2 cloves of garlic. I like the red onion because its what I had in the fridge. You can use a spanish onion if you like or a white onion. Whatever you want.
Saute onion in a large pot with garlic. I cook the onion till its transparent and I add a little bit of salt to get it going. By now the entire apartment and probably the entire 6th floor of my building smells like sauteed onion. yummy.
If you’re into making things from scratch you can roast and puree your own tomatoes but I used two 28 oz cans of crushed tomatoes. I added a squeeze of tomato paste and about 20 oz of water so the sauce is not too acidic. I add salt, a smidgen of pepper, oregano, basil, 1 bay leaf and lots of garlic powder… and parm cheese. I stir it, put the flame on low, cover and start the meat balls.

With some ground pork (because thats what I had on had) i made my mix. onion, parm cheese, italian bread crumbs, fresh onion and fresh garlic plus one egg.
Mix it all up with your hands by folding in all the wet and dry ingredients. I can tell by the way it smells if its well seasoned… if it smells garlicky and cheesy you’re good.
I wet my hands just a lil and grabbed a heaping tablespoon of meat and rolled it into a ball the size of a golf ball. I should have made them a lil bigger because…
I had quite a bit of meatballs. But thats okay. I love leftovers and i got a really neat cookbook from a reader “101 things to do with meatballs”… it should come in handy!
I baked my meatballs for 15 mins on each side at 375*. Traditionally, we fry the meatballs.. but grannie is old school and in the new school, frying is bad. 🙂 Frying makes it tasty though. mmmm grease. But its still tasty none the less. When the meatballs are done, place them in the sauce. Let it cook for about 45 minutes.
While that was cooking, I decided i needed some bread. I whipped up some drop biscuits with cheddar cheese and baked them at 450 for 7 minutes.
When they came out I drizzled some butter on them with a sprinkling of garlic powder. For garnish, i spinkled some dried parsely on top. With ten minutes left to go on the sauce, I boiled some whole weat spaghetti.
plated. and served. I havent made this in a LONG time. It was every bit as comforting as I can remember. Almost as good as grannie makes it (ah, the grease)!
I froze about half of the sauce (for Henry- its his favorite) but for the next few days I will be eating… you guessed it- MEATBALLS! and Cheddar garlic biscuits! yum!