See that monstrous thing below?That’s one helluva burrito that I shamlessly ate the night before I broke my tooth. I was hungry and didn’t feel like cooking. I have the nerve to tell myself that I have nothing to eat. Do you want to see what nothing looks like:

Thats just my freezer. I have this disease I beleive where I buy any and everything that is on sale and I never use it. I just save it. Like in case of an emergency I will have a freezer full of meat, fish and vegetables. Remember the black out in 2004? I keep thinking thats gonna happen again and I will live on all the frozen foods in my freezer or something. Im so stupid. and I veer off topic…the point is, Karma knew i was being lazy (and kind of greedy cuz i ate that mammoth burrito like it was my job) and when I had my breakfast cereal the next morning I broke my molar. She was pointing and laughing… yeah, Karma is a woman… and took the other part of my molar as her trophy.
that bitch.
But Karma brought me back to a product that I dismissed because I thought it tasted like dirt… no time like the present to find that when you cant chew on anything dirt sounds pretty appetizing.
But I came to this dirt drinking project prepared. this time I was going to add peanut butter. If anything can disguise the taste of dirt, its Peanut Butter! Yee haw. So I assembled my smoothie type meal by adding milk, 100 year old frozen banana (still yummy), peanut butter, and cocoa and green powder, in that order so everything gets mixed up.

And you know what? TOTALLY delicious. No, its not a peanut butter blast from Baskin Robbins but compared to the dirt shake- its amazing. And filling. I skipped my coffee that morning because of the so called “energy boost” it provided and noticed i didnt need it. Oh Karma, You might think you defeated me but you just opened up a whole new world for me! yum! Not gonna lie, I broke my tooth a few days ago so this post is overdue but I have had a dirt shake every day since then. Tthe benefits of superfoods give you an immunity boost, energy boost, and are packed with protein (hello appetite suppresant!) and I have noticed a significant DECREASE in my cravings throughout the day! Amazing grass, Im sorry I said those mean things…your product by itself is not something that i would crave but once i doctor it up I loves it. I already made my purchase on amazon for some more green stuff. And I am now using chocolate soy milk for more protein.
wow. whoddathunkit?
When I got to work I was feeling great. And then Karma thought it would be funny to throw me a curve ball… This is homemade. Tiramisu. Tiramisu, as in CREAM, Marscapone Cheese, Chocolate, lady fingers. And *gulp* ESPRESSO. One of my supervisors knows my food obsession and made some just to plop this Brick sized portion of tiramisu (aka heroine) on my desk as a thank you for working so hard. i cried on the inside. No part of my mind body or soul wanted to devour this entire thing after that delcious dirt shake. I took a bite. It was perfect. But I couldnt do it. I put it in the fridge and told him how yummy that bite was. Update: its still in the fridge. Around lunch time I found a Jamba Juice and contemplated oatmeal but then decided on the Peanut butter Moo’d… then i saw the calories (470 for a small!) and got it anyway. pretty yummy. but pretty damn expensive. *slurp*
For dinner, I needed substance. No more liquids please.
I wanted the chocolate malt-o-meal that I was moochin off the roommate…but I think she rescued it from the kitchen. I’m glad she did… it was in danger now that my tooth was being stupid. I decided to make my own.

i used irish steel cut oats. and added cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar.

delish! Not quite the malt o meal but hit the spot!

I crushed some cookies into it. Oatmeal cookies on oatmeal. they got nice and soggy.
I can eat solids. But they have to be soft. I don’t like chewing on one side because it jacks up the flavor experience. even now as my tooth is temporarily fixed I am still on a Soft Diet.
I want PIZZA dammit!