The delicious pot of Meatballs is down to 6 itty bitty meatballs. I’ve given some away since I cant possibly eat all them damn meatballs… but this is the last of them and they are soft enough to enjoy before I get the last part of my tooth fixed.
The boring plan is to slice these up to make them even more teenie weenie and eat them with some veggies (for volume) and whole wheat ‘shgetti.

I had some frozen veggies and thought that broccoli and cauliflower were pretty mild in flavor and would do well in a marinara sauce. The cook time on these said 8-9 minutes and since thats how long the pasta would take to cook, I figured i would throw them both in together. Who wants to wash two pots?
Me Neither.

I love this purple thing that I found in a smart little gadget store in the city somewhere for $1. Its a spaghetti measurer. It has 4 serving sizes; which is perfect for me becuase i never know how much to cook and hten end up with an entire box of pasta.

Just another shot of the dry spaghetti. And here is the pot. I normally enjoy pasta al dente but you know.. the tooth BS.

After 8.5 minutes I drain the batch and run a little cold water on it. I’m told this stops the cooking process.

I pour my leftovers on top of my broc, caulif, and pasta. stir stir stir.

CHEESE? Yes Please!
The broccoli and cauliflower added so much volume to this healthy portion of meat and pasta. I ate about half of it and refused to have any more leftovers of meatballs… i ate the rest for dessert and said adios to meatballs for real.
Anyone have exciting plans this weekend???
Its gonna rain in ny and im gonna sleep. Mickey too! cant wait!