Around this time of year there are a lot of birthdays! (mine too! 11/25)
With that comes my need to make people yummy treats for their birthdays. I then automatically regret being so generous because there is a birthday about every 2 weeks to a month in my unit and those who have birthday right around this time of year don’t get the same treats.
Why not? Cuz I love some people more than others. Its not right, I know but when jealousies strike I have to make amends. A fellow coworker put up a major pout last year when I was presented with a huge cake and party for my 25th Birthday ( it was a big deal. 25 on the 25th!) And grumpy coworker did the whole “its not fair” gig- Mind you, hes a grown man… but I bore that cross all year and decided to begrudgingly make him something for his birthday anonymously this year so he would feel the love.
However, when I realized the night before his birthday, say about 10 pm, right about when I was going to bed, I realized I hadn’t prepared anything for him . oops! I got out of bed and brought my laptop with me to the kitchen. I googled recipes that were easy and required the minimum because I was ill-prepared. Finally found one that looked great…
I got to mixing and i could sense something wasn’t right. But because time was ticking, I pressed on.

Around this time you can really smell the chocolate and are tempted to lick the spoon. I was feeling a bit stuffy and figured i couldn’t smell it because of my stuff nose.

I got them ready for baking and noticed the batter was really thick! Once again, I didn’t seem to care and pressed on. While it was baking it smelled great and then i realized, i forgot to add eggs. Shit.

When they were done, they looked a lot like bran muffins but felt like base balls. I could probably figure this out but I had to taste one. If these are someones birthday gifts, they should taste good…. so i cut it in half and was baffled by the lack of CHOCOLATE color… and then it hit me. A medicinal smell.
This is not good.
I took a bite.
I spit it out.
It tasted like medicine.
Something wasn’t right.
In a desperate attempt to make it better i dipped it into a ganache that I made for it. And the ganache was awful too.
Guess what?
My cocoa that cost me $7.99 for a small container was dated for… get ready… are you ready… 2006. yes, 2006 as in almost FOUR years ago. GAG! And I was so mad because i literally purchased this 2 weeks ago. Unless I time traveled to a grocery store, the grocery store is in big trouble.
So i didn’t get to give birthday cupcakes but i did however hook him up with a cake lovingly paid for by all the staff. And I honestly believe in my heart that this batch came out terribly because it really wasn’t in my heart to do this.
when you cook, you must do it with love – that’s what makes it taste so good!