I am reaching my boiling point with the soft stuff. I was enjoying it. Really enjoying it. But something happened later in the day that broke me. oh the shame.
I started my day with my super food smoothie with green powder, chocolate soy milk, heaping spoon of peanut butter and a frozen banana. Its good! I enjoy it as it gives me energy and fills me up but I am starting to miss the sinful things… like bagels. mmm. carbs!

Pumpkin butter is back at Trader joes! yay!I love pumpkin butter and I norally enjoy it on toast but I decided to put a spoonful into my lunch time oats.

MMM. i used cinnamon spice oats.

The mixture was pumpkin-y and cinamon-y but it was really sweet. I might have to use less pumpkin butter or add more water and plain oats.
It was really difficult to eat my lunch when so many people are heating up delicious foods nearby. Someone (damn them) brought in taiwanese FRIED chicken. And it was so aromatic that I felt my stomach YEARNING for the fragrant forbidden “fruit”.
And you know I can shrug stuff like that off once I have eaten but for some reason, Everywhere I went that fried chicken smell was wafting through the air. It was insane! Was EVEYRONE eating fried chicken????
When I got to Queens, i was walking home and what the F do you think i smelled. Damn freakin right. Fried Chicken!
I took my dog for a walk with me while I went to the Golden Fountain- my favorite spot for Chinese food and i ordered…. Chicken wings.
Im laughing as I type this. I couldnt possibly make my own fried chicken because the chicken was frozen and taht would take too long. I needed instant gratification. I paid $4 for 4 wings (damn, back in the day they were $2) and went home. Mickey LOVES fried chicken so my plan of action was to chop some up for her (to avoid eating it all) and have 2, the most! With wings in tow, i need a side dish and since this was a comfort thing i did the unthinkable….
What is wrong with you Diva?
I know I asked myself the same thing. I hate instant mac and cheese. But I didnt know what else to have and I sure as hell wasnt gonna have fried rice or french fries!
I was lazy and microwaved it.

and gagged as I poured powdered cheese all over the al dente pasta. I swear there is nothing more disgusting about powdered cheese. Im such a cheese lover that I cant even deal with this. But in the name of all that is comfort i will press on through this nasty powdered cheese and hope to salvage it enough to be mistaken for velveeta…

Since this was going NOWHERE, I added half and half (for creaminess) and a little bit of butter to cut the tartness of this powder cheese. It definately loosened it up. A little too loose.

But I popped it back into the microwave to thicken the new cheese sauce. It was a definite improvement but I wouldnt say this was the best mac I have ever had.
And I ate my two wings with my serving of mac and fake cheese and was satisfied (mostly due to the fact that the cheese put me off!) But these super food smoothies have really curbed my appetite…. despite the craving monster that kicked my ass today.
I am off the fried chicken craze and back on my smoothies. My tooth is better and I really enjoy the pick me up in the morning.
I’m glad I can share this crazy shit with you. šŸ™‚
Oh yeah and Mickey Loved her some wings… no more treats for her until next weekend when we go to Toby Keith’s birthday Paw-ty!