Before i get into to today’s post I wanted to share a great giving opportunity, Operation Christmas Child, that my friend Alyssa shared with me:
Samaritan Purse is an organization that offers emergency relief programs to victims of natural disaster, war, disease, and famine. They offer food, water, and temporary shelter, and try to meet critical needs and give people a chance to rebuild their lives. One are they concentrate on most is the children in these areas. They are dong everything they can to impact the lives of vulnerable children through educational, feeding, clothing, and shelter programs to let them know that they not forgotten and that life will get better. At Christmas time they offer a special program designed for the children of poor and diseased countries in the world, Operation Christmas Child. In this program volunteers around the world are asked to “fill a shoebox.” These shoe boxes offer items that a child needs and wants, items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste to a stuffed animal or puzzle. Each box sent requires $7 to help cover shipping costs to these countries, found throughout places like South America and Africa. Thats where you can help! Would you like to help this cause and donate $7? Each dollar raised helps tremendously! Each dollar given allows a smile to be put onto a childs face. Each dollar raised helps a child celebrate Christmas, something they may not have celebrated otherwise.Please consider donating as little at $7 to the cause. You can follow the website below and make your donation online! To make a donation, please click here. ’tis the season ya’ll!
On a personal note, I take charity very seriously and hope that you find it in your heart to give.

Okay… on with the post!
On my way to the dentist AGAIN, I decided to stop at Tim Horton’s. I have been wanting to stop at Timmy Ho’s since they made the switch back in the summer. The things i most wanted to try were the Timbits (like munchkins) and the frozen capuccino.
I was on the LIRR taking pics of donut holes and coffee. Someone next to me started to ask questions about why I was taking pictures. So I was polite and pretended i didnt speak english 🙂
Now, about the time Timmy Ho’s opened up, Dunkin Donuts put an frozen capuccino on the menu to compete. Not having the T.H. brand,I tried DD’s and thought it was the most revolting thing ever! But today I walked into TH and ordered the best frozen capuccino I have ever had! It was sweet but not too sweet and tasted creamy and had a little teeny tiny bits of ice that reminded me of a granita that I used to drink when I was in High School. YUM!
The Timbits however were not my favorite. I got the old fashioned glazed and they tasted like french crullers. I do not like french crullers. I am a cake donut kind of girl so the timbits went to waste but it was worth it just for the frozen capuccino!
When I got home from the dentist I pulled out the still frozen beef stew that was in the fridge.
Ever since watching Dr. Oz I have been defrosting frozen meats in the fridge…its alarming how fast thigns like E.COLI grow! Dont know about you but I can’t afford to get something like that! yeuck! When I get stewed beef I always bring it home, clean it and then season it before I freeze it. That way when i need it, its well seasoned and ready for cooking.

I thought i defrosted it enough… but i plopped the frozen brick into a pot and added my sofrito, sauce, seasoning, and diced potatoes. Im making carne guisada…or beef stew.

YUM! It cooked nicely! I went a teeny bit overboard with the salt so i made some rice and omitted the salt there that way everything was balanced. Its important not to cook beef stew too long or the beef will be rubbery and tough- thats a deal breaker!

Brown Rice. I simmered for 45 minutes. It cooked perfectly… but i like my rice a little softer. This was kind of dry.

Although my buddy Karen would love the rice this way!

Luckily, the sauce from the stew moistened the rice right up! I was delighted that the beef was succulent and flavorful. Once again… lots of leftovers. I invited a couple of friends over for dinner but they cancelled last minute so i had beef stew for dinner, then lunch, and then maybe breakfast the next day… maybe.
Now, My friend C.G. the Foodie is starting a blogger exhange… like a secret santa of sorts but Food Related. If you would like to receive local food items from another place in the country sign up! Details are here.