Jay and Maribel Strike a pose.

Its been AGES since I have hung out with Jay. Its been almost a year *gulp*. But good friends are always there and he is always reaching out to me for a night of fun on the town. How could I say no to that face? It was his BFF’s 40th birthday (doesnt she look amazing!!?!) and both of them were delighted to have me. jay and I decided to pregame a bit… which is a disclaimer for the quality or lack there of in the photos to come. Having remained, for the most part, sober for the last 11 months, I drank like a party girl again for the first time in a while and the effects of alcohol are apparent if you continue to read. I will however note how impressed I am with myself that admist a night of debauchery I still managed to hold a camera and snap pics of the food that I ate. (I have no explanation for the mass texts that I sent out that night though… so to all those that received one- Please accept my deepest apologies)
See these? Yea. $4. What do you get when you have two cosmos before dinner? Blurry shots of $4 margaritas. How many margaritas can you get for $4 a piece… 5. So 7 drinks in one night…(shivers)

The place was El Cantinero and its in Union Square area. Actually its on the same block as Bowlmor lanes. Cantinero has two floors and on the 2nd floor is a bar area. On Saturday nights they have happy hour if you stay in the bar but you can dine all over this place.

We started with tortilla chips and homemade salsa. The salsa was great but I havent been anywhere that screws up salsa. It was a little thin, i like chunky salsa.

Being a little tipsy, I tend to eat with my eyes. So Jay and I agreed to share everything right from the start. WINGS! How do you serve wings with NO BLUE CHEESE!?!?! Not that Im big on the stuff but I like to dip a small piece into the stuff for its cooling effect. But the wings were OK at best.

I felt Steak Fajitas were a perfect dish to share and i was right. We got a sizzling platter of steak, peppers, and onions with some other stuff

With guac, sour cream, and pico de gallo on the side. After dining at 5 burro cafe, this place was not up to par. The meat was skimpy and the strips were scrawny. At first bite they were grisly and not moist like those at 5 burro. I crave the beef strips at 5 burro cafe whereas here… not so much. I could have probably done without the fajitas. I was full of tequila- which impaired my judgement- which allowed me to continue eating sub par fajitas.

Drunk shots.

Everyone now! See the rosy cheeks? Thats the best way to tell if I had been drinking. What a mistake it was to imbibe so much! I woke up with a RAGING hangover. I am definitely getting older (in 5 days to be exact). So next time I will remember not to drink on an empty stomach, not to say yes when the waitress says “want another one?” and NOT to text ANYONE while in my drunken stupor.