I’m getting old(er). Today is my last day as a 25 year old.
Its so difficult with Henry still away on business to celebrate on a day when most people are away or preparing to cook massive loads of food… or cant wait till next year when my birthday will actually BE on thanksgiving. The crappy part about holiday birthdays are combination gifts and the horrible “Oops, forgot it was your birthday” kind of thing. I am now old enough to just think of birthday as just any other day because its cooler to have “make up birthdays” that can sometimes start a week before your birthday and end a week into december! score! Thats pretty much what is going on right now.
My best friend Jay took me out…gay boyfriend style. Dinner and a movie. 🙂 New Moon! YES! Nothing is better than having inappropriate thoughts about a 17 year old hot boy with your gay best friend… right> ” Oh no Bella, You hit your head” {SHIRT COMES OFF} come to think of it Jacob, I’m bleeding right now… I need your tshirt now!
Jay is a foodie. I am a foodie. Together we make people fat! He’s been dying to take me to this place in the city that seems to be popping up all over. SPICE. Thai food. I am so obsessed with this kind of food. Spicy, Noodley, peanutty goodness…. Obsessed! We had gone out to have a drink before dinner but it was packed so we had a drink at the resturant.

Dirty Grey Goose Martini please. Its my birthday- Make it dirty. I love these!

Round two. Feeling the tinglies in my knees! (tell tale sign of the feeling “NICE” part of boozing).

I let Jay do all the ordering and when you let a man order, you end up with “eye” food. I am guilty sometimes of doing this but it happens when you order with your eyes. Two Apps and two entrees, and here i was thinking thanksgiving was thursday…. he ordered thai spring rolls. Crispy light and airy spring rolls with a yummy garlicky dipping sauce.

and Fried calamari with chili marinara sauce. fab. completely fab. Cooked to perfection and the chili sauce was the perfect amount of sweet and spice.

Since he was app crazy, i ordered a noodle dish thinking it would be small. Drunk Man noodles. Next time i get the black noodles or the garlic chicken. I enjoyed the noodles very much but it was a little on the sweet side with sweet basil and chili. I was in the mood for savory. But the texture of the noodles was spot on! chewy braod noodles made me very happy!

Jay ordered some red coconut curry with shrimp. He let me sneak a taste and this was absolutely sinful. Smoky, spicy kind of sweet and completely satisfying. I will be ordering this again soon. I love indian curry but am madly in love with thai curry! yum!
While jay and I waited for a movie, we hit up a bar that was empty. And on the bar there were big jars of random pieces of fruit. The bartender told us the fruit was sitting in Vodka. the most popular flavor was pineapple. So he suggested we try the pineapple martini.

HOLY SHIT. this thing packed a SERIOUS punch. I was tipsy and couldnt get hte camera to focus. Homemade pineapple vodka, pineapple juice…. a few shakes later three pinapple chunks and I sip my cocktail. AMAZING. the drink was great… the garnish though? TOTALLY MESSED ME UP! Biting into what looks like a juicy pineapple is really a VODKA soaked pineapple chunk that will make you go from nice to totally Hammered!
Stay tuned for hte birthday pictures tomorrow.