Move over Turkeys!
My mom, the best lady on Earth, organized a birthday outing for me months ago and invited one of my closest friends. It was kept completely hush until the day, down to the minute of the event. The event: an Off Broadway Musical called: Girls Night. I have no photos from that because as you know, flash photography is strictly prohibited. blah. But it was a fantastic ladies only event that served the strongest adult beverages and contained the most x-rated dramatic content. It was a great laugh! Especially since like 70% of the audience was completely DRUNK. LOL. After the play my dad picked us up and took me to BBQs with momma. We were starving and the only place without a crazy line happened to be the place with the best frozen bevvys in the city. This is a TEXAS Sized Raspberry Pina Colada. Heavenly. And if your mother embarrasses you and tells everyone there its your birthday you get a free shot of rum. I love pina coladas but not a fan of the straight rum… (bad experience with Rum and Cokes a while back).

BIG sip! SOOO GOOD. Made everyone take a taste and they agreed it was pretty amazing.

Photo -whoring it with papa. He was enjoying a good ol margarita.

Me and Momma dukes. So… who do I look like? Mom or dad?

Me and My gorgeous parents… They might kill me if I said this but they look damn good for their age… heres a hint: two incredibly good looking peeps in their 50’s. Yep. 50’s. The fountain of youth is flowing through our veins!

I love resturants where menus and placemats are of the same. LOL.

GIANT shrimp cocktail. Chicken, ribs, and fries. its my birthday- I can eat what I want. Right.
Tongiht I am having a drink or two with some friends after work and then I am hopping into the kitchen to start my appetizers and side dishes for the big Thanksgiving event. No posts tomorrow because I will be cooking… but Friday might be a great day to re-cap.
Have a happy and healthy thanksgiving!!!!