Pepperidge Farms hooked me up thanks to the Tastemaker Program. I was sent a lovely coupon for a puff pastry product. With Thanksgiving around the corner I knew that I had to make a baked brie. I made one last year that was really popular and the family requested i make it again.
First of all, This stuff is so hard to find come Thanksgiving! I mean I had to send my mom out to get some and even she had a hard time finding it. But We perservered and it totally paid off.
Baked brie is EASY and delicious! And what a great time for Ile De France to send me some Brie Love!

Start out by letting your puff pastry sheet thaw out- dont leave it out too long or you might have to roll it out like me because it was stuck together. I rolled it out.

Got a roll of gorgeous brie cheese from Ile de France. Sliced it in half.

and spread a generous amount of preserves from an open jar of fruit spread i had. But you can add whatever you want to your brie. I wanted to add figs to one and asparagus to another. But i only had one brie… and the other choice was sweet peppers but the fam requested fruit.

Once you smear your fruit onto the cheese sandwich it back together and wrap it with the brie. Trim off excess dough.

and attempt to make a pretty design with it. : ) waste not want not.

Bake in the oven at 375 for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Let sit for a few minutes and serve with crackers, toasted bread and garnish with fresh fruit. I really wish my camera was behaving because the spread was really quite beautiful.
This is a definite crowd pleaser. Looks nice, tastes great and is easy easy easy to make! Please bookmark this and bring it to your next potluck or family gathering!