okay so Im a few days late!
I’ve been digesting, okay?
I had to break this post down because I was responsible for several menu items that deserve their own spot on the recipes tab so if you see anything on this post that you like…there might be a recipe post to follow. (like Baked Brie, Goat Cheese, Brussel Sprouts with bacon and Creamy Garlic Mashed potaotes)
When we arrive at my uncles house every Turkey Day, we arrive usually on almost empty stomachs and as of last year I have started preparing fruit and cheese platters to snack on to hold us over till dinner time. Above we have spanish peperoni (AKA Salchichon), baked goat cheese, garlic crostini, and water crackers. Also served but not shown: baked Brie with fruit preserves.

My camera decided to crap out on me on one of the biggest eating days of the year for me. (not to camera: you are in big trouble!) I made some mashed potatoes but those will be in another post. Above is homemade turkey gravy. Yes I made it. It was so easy. Auntie handed me her Rachael Ray magazine and asked if i could assist in making the turkey gravy.
Assist? I can handle this! Basically, drain all the trimmings and fat into a measuring cup. We had an 18lb bird and that bird yielded 4 cups of fat, to that I added two cups of chicken stock. Then whisked in some flour… 1.5 cups of flour. I heated the mixture and let it simmer till thickened. Since the trimmings were so full of flavor, I didnt need to add anything else to the gravy but the recipe called for salt. We all agreed to make our own gravy from now on. 🙂

I got the honor of carving the turkey this year. I had some difficulty and got more chunks of turkey than I did gorgeous slices of the turkey. But when I cleaned out the cavity, I got some delicious homemade stuffing courtesy of my aunt. She makes the stuffing every year! Its my favorite! yum yum yum!

A horrible shot of my mashed potatoes that could have used a touch more garlic.

White meat and Dark meat. I like the darker meat for its juiciness!

Another one of my aunts specialties. Candied yams. Cinnamony, sweet and perfection in every way.

Green bean casserole. A favorite!

My plate. Ya know, I usually can shovel my food in my mouth on thanksgiving day with no problems. In the past I hve had seconds and even thirds of thanksgiving sides. This year I barely finished my plate and I think i enjoyed my leftovers more. Does that happen to you?

Well. My cousin decided after dinner he needed a nap. He looked really comfy… i couldnt lay on my belly after all that food… so we went to the basement and did some Karaoke. Good times. Good Times.