Hello All! I hope you had a very FULLfilling thanksgiving! I know I did! I have a TON of pictures to upload but wanted to give a little more birthday updates.
You know, despite Henry being gone, i am certainly having a lot of makeups! LOL.
On my actual birthday (11/25) my coworkers played an evil trick on me! They sent me on some errands and when i dropped off what they asked for they surprised me with a rich and decadent oreo cake from the mecca (CRUMBS) along with a handmade and heartfelt card. My plans were to go out with some other peeps for ONE drink… but you know when I say one I really mean like 5.

From Left to right: Arlenys, Jess, ME, Nechama and Daniela. the men were out of the pic because it is really about the girls on my birthday. The bartender kept sending over kamakazes becuase it was his birthday too. when I was getting ready to go the bartender sent over a hostess cupcake with a candle and a screaming orgasm (the shot!). it was very nice!

Met up with the ‘rents afterwards for some spanish food. Bistec encebollado y arroz amarillo (steak and onions with yellow rice) deelish! and perfect for a tipsy birthday girl.

my mom’s coworker heard that my darling Henry is away and couldn’t make it home for my birthday so she sent over a dozen long stem red roses to me. I haven’t personally met this woman but she is a beautiful person to do this! they are gorgeous and I love them!

And I would like to take a moment to thank all my drunkaholics for coming out on my birthday, all my FB shoutouts and my friends and fam who wished me a very happy birthday.
And a special HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to me and My henritos! xoxoxox