Last year I asked my aunt if I could help her cook Thanksgivng Day dinner. She was more than happy to have me. And this was a few before I started my blog (FS turns 1 in a few weeks!). When I thought about my contributions I decided to make a potato dish. Mom always made this amazing mashed potato dish with mozzarella… I wanted to recreate that but being an avid reader of the Crock Pot Lady’s blog, I found a recipe for mashed potatoes that sounded OUT OF THIS WORLD.
I made them last year and they were so popular that there werent any left for leftovers. And at the last minute when I asked my aunt what I could make she said everyone asked for mashed potatoes.
So mashed potatoes is what they got.
My aunt helped me out by prepping the taters. She peeled and cubed 3.5 lbs of Russet potatoes and boiled them till fork tender. If you can plan ahead I love the way YUKON GOLDs taste in mashed potatoes but any potato will taste delish. Also when boiling potatoes, i like to boil them till they are more than fork tender- it makes mashing easy.
I grabbed my masher and realized my camera has ZERO battery; so pics are skimpy. I was having a really hard time using the masher because the taters were al dente… and thank goodness for old school kitchens…I put my muscular brother to work on using this old school contraption for making potatoes smooth and creamy. Its a pot attachment (that no longer fits modern pots) and you add potatoes to it and stir. while its stiring a blade is forcing potatoes through tiny little holes and they come out smooth and lump free. My mother HATES lumps in mashed potatoes and I kind of like them…
Once the taters are smooth and creamy add you secret ingredients:

1 cup of sour cream and one cup of cream cheese. Oh yea. With that you also want to add 1/2 cup of chicken stock, salt, pepper, and 1 tsp of granulated garlic. I was a little bit all over the place on Turkey Day with making the other appetizers and side dishes that i forgot to add the garlic… There was enough salt and pepper though to make this pot of mashed potatoes creamy and delish!

The texture of this is definintely different than your regular ol mashed potatoes. The cream cheese thickens it and provides a nice sweet tang combined with the sour cream…unlike milk that thins it out. I think if you want to jazz up an easy bowl of mashed potatoes add a lil cream cheese and sour cream. it will be sure to please.
Oh, and dont forget the garlic!