I have been holding out on this one for as long as possible… partially because I will have to come back and edit- but I will let you all know of any MAJOR changes.

My roomie, Dara and her boyfriend Michael wanted to take me out for my birthday. I was so game for this outting because Michael is a bonafide foodie and possibly the REAL Food Snob but in a good way. I am up for whatever when it comes to trying new things or going to new places so when Dara asked where I wanted to go I told her to surprise me.

The surprise? A quaint little French Bisto in Long Island City. Tournesol. I haven’t had French Cuisine since i was 20 years old when my first boss took me to a really fancy restaurant with a million courses. Of course, I didn’t have the appreciation for French cuisine then like I do now. The bistro was packed. There were about 15 tables in the whole place and every possible inch was being used. Michael was smart and made reservations because we could have ended up waiting and we were too hungry to wait!

To start, Michael ordered a Bordeaux. Ask me about wine and i can tell you if its red, white or yummy. This one was red and yummy. This might be a good part for Michael to add an Editor’s Note.

I looked at the menu and asked for recommendations… then these yummy things came out.

Olives. I love Olives. Nice little apertif to get the appetite going. While we were sipping our wine the waiter came over to read the specials. The all sounded so lovely and we ended up ordering two special appetizers and Michael got a special entree.

Foie Gras. Probably the one thing I have always heard and wanted to try. Fatty Duck Liver Pate. I really enjoyed it… and then Dara made a comment about feeling bad for the ducks. I munched on but looked it up when i got home. I felt a little terrible for Donald. As you can see in the rectangular shaped thingy… yellow globs of straight up fat- sounds gross but spread a little on the toasted slices of bread with some of that sweet chutney and you’ve got a friggin party. It was delicious. Appetizer number two, (the name escapes me) was a flaky tart topped with creamy blue cheese, red onions, roasted figs, and a bitter lettuce on top…i think its Frisee. Dont quote me. But I built a serious bite onto my fork with a little bit of each component and I was madly in love with this dish and wondering how i was going to eat my entree after all this delisciousness… dont worry- I never turn down a plate! If I came back (which I will) and had to order one of these appetizers only I wouldnt be able to choose because they were so incredibly yummy.

Moving onto Entrees and I apologize for the lack of quality in the pictures, it was really dark when i started taking these photos and I was a little high on duck fat. Dara ordered a hanger steak with scalloped potatoes and a gorgeous serving of Bernaise Sauce. Bernaise is, in Michaels words “The French Hollandaise”. What makes it so yummy is all the tarragon. I had a bite of Dara’s steak dipped in the sauce. Is it bad to want to drink sauce? Damn. so good!

Such a travesty to ruin this photo. I couldnt tell it was a shit picture until I got home and by then this dish had been eaten up! Cassoulet, White bean stew with duck confit and sausage. Definintely not a dieters dish. This is a hearty and extremly flavorful stew that I fell madly in love with as well. Who knew beans could taste so good?

I got the Boeuf Bourguignon. How could I not? Not only did Dara and Michael say how good it was but i was DYING to try this after I heard it several times in the Julie/Julia flick. This photo also sucks. But I got a steaming little pot of this rich, tender, beef stew. The beef was tender and literally fell apart with just the slightest touch of the fork. The mushrooms, carrots, pearl onions and potatoes were roasted to perfection. And as I was enjoying mouthfulls of tender beef I squealed (literally) with delight as I unearthed a bed of broad egg noodles! Oh, how I love noodles! I ate about 2/3 of this and took it home. (the next day the solid fat rings in the sauce helped me figure out how they got the meat to be so tender… straight up fat!)
And as if i didnt eat enough I had to have my very first Creme Brulee. It always looks so gorgeous on tv and in pictures and when i said out loud that I never had creme brulee the decision was made right then and there. I even had the honor of cracking the topping. This was also insanely good. There were delicious bits of vanilla bean in the custard and the topping was simply out of this world.
I grabbed a business card and already have plans of taking My Henry there when he returns! It was a great place with amazing food and If you are in the mood for a treat this place is reasonably priced.
Thank you so much Dara and Michael! I really felt special and Henry thanks you for taking me away when he couldn’t!