“I must Not Waste Food!”
“I must Not Waste Food!”
“I must Not Waste Food!”
I am sure with these stupid economic times we all are making an effort to NOT be wasteful, right? I hate throwing away food, So when i start to see the white shelves in myfridge, I know its time to reorder some groceries and use up some of the old.
Kale. I bought a HUGE bunch of kale to make green monsters. But I came to realize after the first day of a real green monster that I don’t care for bits of kale in my breakfast. So there went that. But on one particular day I really wanted something salty, like fries and crispy like chips. So I decided on kale chips! Rinse your kale really well and cut up into big chunks being sure to remove the spines (they turn to twigs in the roasting process). Preheat oven to 425*.

I also had some “meatloaf” meat from the butcher. Its a mix of ground beef, pork and veal. I figured since I was making Kale chips, I could make some burgers too. But my pantry was also looking kind of bare so I threw in some Montreal Steak Seasoning and Country Bobs sauce. I figured I could be experimental since I was trying to use up the last of the meat. I also ran out of bread so these burgers were going to be big suckas!

Mixed it all up and then noticed something in my fridge that might be nearing is death.

Cheese. When Henry’s fam went to ecuador some weeks back, they came back with some cheese. I dont know what its called… but it stinks and tastes really good. If I learned anything from Andrew Zimmern its that you shouldn’t smell your food first if you are easily influenced by smells. On smells alone this cheese would have went right to the trash. But I love cheese- stinky ones and all! This is considered a fresh cheese. Its a cross between fresh mozzarella and cream cheese. It has a great flavor thats pungent and creamy and I thought would make a great contrast with my tangy burgers.

grabbed a patty.

Put some stinky cheese on it.

then put the other half of the burger on top. MMM. Cheese pockets! I didn’t feel guilty since I was omitting the bread. this sort of became a low carb dinner.

I grilled these babies on a screamin hot grill pan. And whle these were cooking, I threw in the kale. I let the kale roast for 10 minutes. i checked on them and wanted them a lil more crisp. I like mine a little burnt. 🙂 Must be the puerto rican in me.

Look whats ready!!! When the burgers cooked up the cheese oozed out. The stinky cheese tastes FANTASTIC when its melted. I think I will be trying this cheese in a soup!

Naturally, everything was ready at different times and because I was so friggin hungry, I ate the kale chips first. SO YUM! If you can get over the green part you really wouldnt know this was a roasted green! If you are a chip addict i dare you to try these! they make great low cal, low carb and fat free substitute for french fries and chips… a bit of a warning tho- these should only be eaten fresh- they dont hold over well testure-wise over night.

I scooped up all the melted cheese in the pan and put it on top of the burger. It was juicy and I was impressed with the seasoning. I usually add so much stuff but since i was out of damn near everything I improvised and it came out great. I love the contrast with the cheese and beef. And i enjoyed the 2nd burger even more the following day!