There is probably nothing more depressing than this.
Henry and I made our One year Anniversary last week. I celebrated alone. I kept the hope that he would come back in time which is why this post is so late. But I decided as morbid as this seems… it was actually quite nice. I decided to make a date night as if the two of us were together.
Take out. and WINE. and a movie. Oh, how I love me! LOL.

I ordered some Pad Se Ew from a thai place around the office and brought it home. Have I mentioned how much I love noodles? I loves them so this dish was perfect and plentiful. Forget calories! its My one year anniversary. I called him to say i loved him and then polished off a lovely bottle of Pinot Grigio and then watched P.S. I Love You. Holy crap is that movie cute!
Then an unexpected parcel arrived in the mail that is SO AWESOME i have to tell you about it now!

You know i love GREEN things becuase they make me feel good inside! Like the warm and fuzzies for being nice to the planet or something. Above is a snack taxi which is a reusable snack/sandwich bag! What a great gift idea for those people you love that take their lunches to work! Or get one for yourself and stop buying those plastic sandwich baggies at the supermarket!

I also got bamboo utensils! I love this one too because its got the whole set of what you might need while dining out and they come in a cute little case! I will confess that I carried metal spoons in my purse… now I dont have to!

Now, no more fishing in my purse for a spoon or using a plastic one! This is a great stocking stuffer and please forgo those plastic utensils they give you with your to-go food! They just sit in landfills for ever and ever! Pick up these bamboo utensils too… they are fab!!!
*These items I am raving about were given to me by a friend. I did not receive any promotional fees or rewards for this plug- I beleive in this product that much to tell you all to ditch your plastic baggies and plastic forks to make our earth a better earth for our future generations!*

Look at me eating my lunch with my to-go ware!!!!
Dont you love how morbid the beginning of this post was? And then how i started obsessing over bamboo utensils??? LOL
And if Henry is reading: I love you Henritos and HURRY THE HELL HOME!