The Bureau Party was last night… It was a lot different from last years. Different in many ways. For one… the venue was different and the food was way different and I’m proud to say I didn’t grope any manboobs this year. We had the party at a Pub and ate bar food… ya know, wings, Mozzarella sticks, pigs in a blanket, sliders, veggies and dip, taquitos, and mini jamaican beef patties… which many will argue were mini beef empanadas. I still maintain they were mini jamaican beef patties- but whatevs. I didn’t take pics- last years photos were incriminating enough.
This year I was really dreading the traditional Rookie Skit. Its an annual hazing if you will for the new attorneys that come in and they put on a skit about the other staff. Its always a riot to see! I was fearing a totally embarassing imitation of me or some personal fact about me being revealed (ahem- THIS BLOG) but I escaped humility and they actually mentioned something rather flattering. So to my Rookies- I know some of you are reading- I love you and thank you for sparing me! LOL.
While most of the office is “OUT SICK” with “stilldrunkitis”, And Im freezing my tushy off at my desk… I’m thinking it will be a pretty good day for some takeout…
This cute little thai joint has been a crowded and popular lunch spot since forever ago and this was the first spot I ever had lunch when i first started working in this area. While my tastes in Thai were really basic (Chicken Satay and Pad Thai) I have gotten adventurous in trying new things and have developed a sincere love for Thai Food.

So when I grabbed the menu when my Thai craving hit, I knew immediately that I wanted the Coconut Red Curry Noodle Soup from Pongsri. Something about thai curry that is comforting, creamy, smoky, and just so damn good.

For $8.95 I got this MAMMOTH 4 cup serving of noodles, lots of coconut curry “soup” with chicken chunks and veggies. The smell is intoxicating. The taste is outta this world and you better beleive i ate that whole freaking thing.

It was the perfect dish for a frigid day! The only drawback that I am regretting are the “curry burps” which can be really embarrassing at social gatherings. But if you’re staying in… red coconut curry is a great choice!!!!
Food Snob is turning a YEAR OLD! Anyone up for a Giveaway?? Or having a dinner date with the Snob herself? or any other ideas you can muster… lets here ’em!