…Because in Honor of my One Year Blogiversary I am having a stupendous giveaway.
Progesso is sponsoring todays Giveaway.
The canned soup battles are getting ugly. It seems that every time I go shopping there is a new and improved version of something. Canned soups have gone from the Low Fat, Low Cal variety, to All Natural variety, and Now Progresso has a line of low fat, all natural and HIGH FIBER soups.

To get the word out, Progresso wants to send one lucky Food Snob reader a big Can of Fiberlicious soup, two GORGEOUS Soup bowls with Awesome thumb rest handles, and two spoons emgraved with the Progresso logo.
The Stats are pretty impressive. Each can has two servings and each serving contains the following:
Cal: 110
Fat: 2g
Sodium: 690 mg
Carb: 24 g
Dietary Fiber – 7g (GAD ZUKES!)
Not only does Fiber have regulating benefits but it also keeps you full and satisfied. I tried the Minestrone and while I forgot to take a picture, i will say that its a standard minestrone in a can but I was satiated with one serving (and that says alot!)

So, you see? Reading Food Snob will make one person regular… LOL.

To enter, please do one of the following (or all for more chances)
1- Leave a comment (with your NAME and some way for me to contact you if you win) telling me how you get your daily fiber intake.
2- Subscribe or Follow me
3- link this contest on your blog

Contest Ends at 10 am on Friday, December 18 (the actual blogiversary!).
Good Luck!

And while you are still reading, I got tagged!

Namaste Mari sent me the HAPPY 10 AWARD!

Not only is Mari a bonafide Diva, but she inspires me to make healthier choices and checks on me via text to make sure I am working out… I told her she might have to start kicking my ass when I punk out on my workouts… she hasn’t yet but I will let you know when she gets me! LOL!

The rules are:

1. List 10 things that make you Happy

2. Tag 10 Bloggers that Brighten your day

Happy Things:

1. Cuddles and kisses from my cutie pie dog, 2. Long distance phone calls from Henritos, 3. Planning a day and sticking to it, 4. DVR, 5. Wine, 6. Homemade Sushi, 7. COFFEE!, 8. America’s Funniest Videos, 9. GIRLS’ NIGHT!, 10. FOOD

Bloggers that I love:

1. Mom on the run 2. Uncovering Food 3. Healthy Delicious 4. Missy Maintains 5. Namastemari 6. PBand Jenny 7. How to Eat A Cupcake 8. Pioneer Woman 9. Cake Wrecks 10. Midtown Lunch