I might have to change my handle from Mo Diva to Dancing Diva! Last night was the Big Office Holiday Party. This is the one party a year where I can dance my ass off with my coworkers (most of them).
The event is really nothing fancy but with enough wine and good music you are likely to have the time of your life!
Tradition is to get dolled up and have a pre-party drink at the nearest watering hole.
Me and My Ladies. Some nice drunk guy took this photo for us. he did a great job. GOOD JOB DRUNK GUY!

Then me and my Rosie took a pic together like the one we took last year. Peep my earrings? they light up! I know. im awesome in a corny kind of way.

Then me and Karen… remember karen? I cooked for a few weeks back. She ws diva-licious in her diva gear!

Of course, I cannot post anything unless i dish about food… When I got to the party I made sure to grab a plate. Where should this disaster begin? Lets staart with the thing everyone recognizes… rice. Yellow, bland, flavorless rice. The only going for the rice was the texture. Spot on texture but i didnt like chewing something I couldnt tase. To the left of the rice was a small piece of Chicken marsala. It was decent. It lacked marsala sauce but at least I knew it had some on there! to the left of that was a stuffed shell. A limp, off-tasting shell. The sauce was definitely of the jarred variety and was really ACIDIC- not my fav quality in marinara. NEXT! the most decent thing offered. Penne a la Vodka. Good sauce but the penne was cooked to right before it became mush. (shrug) then was the eggplant parm. I loved that. But really when you bread and fry a veggie and smother it with sauce and cheese I really dinner was turning out so bad… until i tried the turkey roll up. It reminded me of my days eating in the school caf. It tasted of the frozen variety and i dont even knwo what the “stuffing”… i would have preferred stove top! And in an effort to be healthy i got grilled veggies. I hated them. This might have been the first time I tossed food into the trash..

We’re not even going to discuss this limp, soggy, HORRID ceasar salad with soggy croutons. Okay? we arent going to discuss it! TRASHED!

Once the music started, I just moved my body any which way… REMEMBER TO STAY HYDRATED! And please excuse the hot mess-ness. But really, if im dancing- nothing else matters.

Ariel and Rose are boogy-ing and Im gathering evidence that my peeps know how to par-tay.

Me and Nechama. Like my shades???

Taking a quick break from dance mania to pose for a pic!
I danced from 645 till 10 pm. My feet were killing me, My head was pounding but i still had the time of my life! Anyone having a party with a good dj? i will be there with flickering earrings!
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