I friggin hate it.
Its gorgeous when it falls but in NYC that beauty is short lived when it starts to turn black on the corners and gets slushy in the street and then walking to the trainstation you wanna physically beat the people who didnt shovel their sidewalk properly and now have a lovely sheet of ice for you to crawl on on your way to the train station. Four blocks never seemed so long.
But there is one lil cutie that surprised me with her love for the snow.
This lil diva. This is on our 2nd walk in the snow. I was dreading the first one and after seeing her in action, i had to take pics… my first dog as a child HATED the snow… so this was quite a sight.

She kind of hates when i make her sit so i can take a pic of her. Im such an evil mom.

shes literally bouncing like a bunny in the snow… the leash wasnt long enough for her strides…

but she bounces right back. Eating, snorting, sniffling the snow. She makes snorting sounds and she excitedly sniffs for a spot to mark. I was laughing at her. Even today as the snow is getting gross, she still dodges any and all opportunities to put her paws in it and jump around! LOL

She was diggin in the snow with her face. Way to use your head Mickey!
I came home and desperately wanted take out. But I couldnt order out without feeling guilty for the guys that have to schlep one measly order… so i faked my take out. Sitr fry is easy enough. I had a few things lying around that would be great in a stir fry. Broccoli, onions, sliced steak, snap peas, and stir fry sauce.
the beef was leftover from some steaks that I didnt think were worthy of being served whole, so i sliced them up ahead of time and froze them. (plan ahead!)
I heated a little sesame seed oil and threw in my onions and frozen veggies and tossed around until it was semi cooked. I threw in some peppers and beef, a bit of stir fry sauce and a few tablespoons of soy sauce. I seasoned with garlic poweder, onion powder and added a lil heat with some red pepper flakes.
I needed some rice to go with it so i set up my steamer (oh how i love u) and steamed some brown rice. Literally, just add rice and water and set to cook!
When my stir fry was done, I let it chill out while my rice finished.
Nice and fluffy! Perfectly cooked!
USE SMALL PLATES! They really are deceiving… You are look at 3/4 cup of rice and 1 cup of stirfry… VERRRRRRY Filling!
Wasnt authentic but was definitely tasty and better than those freezer stir frys!