Insert Eye Roll here for the corny joke title
Above is Mickey on Christmas Day. She hates me. LOL.
The Pimp title was inspired by an episode of THE OFFICE. speaking of offices

Before Christmas, my officemates got together and created quite the feast.

A christmas wreath! made of cornflakes, sugar, butter, and marshmallows. MMMM Sugar. This was actually really awesome and those that didnt try it really missed out!

Italian cookies! made with Cloves. Such a phenomenal flavor and texture! if I had more patience in the kitchen… i would probably make these myself.

Pumpkin bread number one (because there were two!) was a recipe from scratch full of walnuts, raisins, and deliciousness. Moist and so season appropriate. Loved this.

Mine, pumpkin bread number 2, was less appealing; appearance wise but was still pretty good. I will be honest, having tried number one- mine kind of sucked in comparison.

I also made some Fiberlicious Blueberry muffins. One of them was swiped before i got to work… currently looking into who stole it! But these came out great! they didnt last very long.

A Quiche! I havent had quiche in a very long time and this one, although it was a bit cold, was incredible. Chunks of mushrooms, ham, cheese and brocoli. Freakin yum. and buttery flaky crust. on the list of things to make in 2010!

And to lighten up the menu…. some fresh fruit. Which, I wont lie, I didnt touch once. I was too busy carbo-loading. ๐Ÿ™‚

There was a plethora of items brought in that i neglected to bring in… and i noshed all day. what a shame. The biggest hit was probably the lox and cream cheese station someone brought in.
After all the eating I did, I went home and took a carb induced nap. And then hit the road for Christmas in Delaware… which will be up tomorrow.