Well… at least it was when i took these photos! Damn vacations! always setting me back!

Mickey is doing a happy dance with Tracey. Partially because she loves having access to snowy yards and because her momma got an iPod for Christmas! and Wii Fit Plus! and Socks! and cookbooks! and gifts from the kids! What a great christmas. Mickey also got new chew toys and fluffy new bed (that she hasnt gotten out of since she laid her puppy face on it!- must be a magical bed)
In our family we put the kids to bed on Christmas eve and wake up to open presents… kids were up at 530 this year… we put them back to bed and we opened presents at 8 am. After presents we kind of loafed around while my mom made breakfast…pancakes. Shes not a food snob. All she cares about in her kitchen is if the food tastes good… she couldnt give a crap about presentation… but thats why i love my mom. Her pancakes made me laugh. And I had a bagel instead. Sorry mom, I had to show the world how lovely your pancakes are. tee hee (she did however try to cover up the ugly pancakes when she saw my camera come out)

A Flying Chihuahua! No A flying Elf! No, thats Sarabi modeling the doggy duds. This is ONE of tracey’s three dogs and one of the smallest… and Mickeys best friend. She was just the cutest lil pup. She weighs but 4 lbs and is a cuddler!

Just like old times Tracey did my hair. Imagine this photo 20 years ago. that was us. Tracey doing my hair šŸ™‚ Like I said yesterday- more than cousins!

ALL DONE! thanks mama! lets dress up the dogs now!

Where the hell is Mickeys head? Oh, shes digging again! April the pitbull is coming to tell on her.

Sarabi the cutest dog in Delaware (mickey is the cutest in New York… just to clarify)

Dressed up doggies!!! After the dress up mom asked me to put the dogs down and start helping out.
I washed up and started some baked brie. We like to nosh while we prepare big dinners. Since Christmas eve was puerto rican fare we were having italian on Christmas. its nice to have both sides in my favor šŸ˜›
I tried something different this year. The rind of the brie had a very strong smell and I didnt want that on my cheese so i cut off the rind. I added some fresh Fruit Preserves, wrapped it in puff pastry and baked it for 20 mins.

It was suuuuper melted and I have a serious crush on melted cheese. Mom didnt love it right away but once it cooled off a little more she really enjoyed it. this cheese went faster than I could take a decent pic of it. But it sure was tasty.

Mom made lasagna.. please note her spelling… I like lasagna with cheese only as i feel that is what lasagna is supposed to be. She made it with beef. When i wasnt excited about the beef, she put a piece of cheese only on the side for me. i was soooooo excited. She was making the gravy with sausages and neck bones!

My cousin got to work on our starter: sopa tuscana. If you ever had the sausage soup at Olive garden, thats what she made. I will be making this soup this week so I will not divulge the entire recipe.

mmmm. kale and potatoes.


Finished product. Peep this… i had two bowls. yes it was phenomenal. yes i will share my recipe at a later date and yes you need to make this because its sooooooooo good.

Here is my dinner plate. Cheesy lasagna. Neckbones. Sausage.
Oh, Christmas! I freaking love Christmas!