This is the last post of the year!
Can you friggin beleive it??? I can’t!
I will be spending my New Year with my fam and puppy. Since its the biggest drinking night of the year, please be careful tonight! To prevent a horrible hangover please remember to stay hydrated when you are drinking alcohol. It doesnt matter if you have shots all night or beer all night- hangovers are killer because alcohol dehydrates you. And remember to have a meal high in protein around the time you are about to start drinking- this helps lessen the effects of alcohol absorption. And one more thing, if you have a shot- have one for me! 🙂

Ah, back to my holiday eats. While I was on my mini getaway my cuzo and I were thinking of making a bundt cake. She made a yellow cake batter and started to brainstorm with me on how to kick it up a notch. I suggested a center layer of brown sugar and cinnamon to make a crumb cake… and then said “APPLES! Lets make and apple cinnamon cake!’ and with the help of her tips and my tips we created something really yummy! and it was a semi homemade cake!
We used one box of yellow cake mix made according to the box directions. In a greased bundt pan we poured half of the batter. Then sprinkled a generous layer of cinnamon and brown sugar. I peeled, cored, and chopped an apple and tossed it in cinnamon and a little white sugar, then dumped it into the cake batter. Poured the rest of the cake batter on top and baked according to the package directions.
The house really smelled yummy and unfortunately we never let anything cool long enough before we dig into it.

Moist. sweet. and completely awesome. It turned out to make a really fab breakfast cake!
Try it! its easy!
Love peace and chicken grease bloggies!