Hope you all had a great new year’s eve. Mine was okay…. but the video below really helped.


If you cant see the video, its probably because I suck at uploading! Its a vid of a kid dancing his ass off at a party in my mothers apartment building. I have no idea who this child is and if his parents knew I was recording him they might think i was up to no good. But seriously- the kid has some moves!

I spent the new year with my parents and had a really low battery. I tried to take some killer pics but I was worried about not having enough battery that i missed some really great photo ops. Fresh ham. Mom and i argued for about 30 minutes on what to put on the fresh ham. Me, not knowing what she was looking for- i kept telling her to put brown sugar… forgetting it was a FRESH HAM not a SMOKED ham. We kept arguing and finally came to an agreement on how to season the damn thing. Spicy mustard and garlic. It came out great… a little dry because i was grossed out by the skin and made mom take most of it off… not knowing how deliciously that shit would crisp up! but now i know for next time! and i hugged mom after arguing with her (because we are Kooky that way!) Mom made some mac and cheese. EXTRA Sharp cheddar, evaporated milk, butter and elbow macaroni. nom! Mom also baked a cake. Box yellow cake mix. Guess who she asked to frost the cake? yes, me. I was irked because her oven always makes crooked cakes and I so desperately missed my cake trimmer! I asked if i could trim the cake and another argument ensued. So in an effort to please mom and end the bickering, I frosted the damned thing- unevenness and all. It came out alright… and for safe keeping against the RAVENOUS BRO MONSTER we locked up the cake along witha note: My brother. The bottomless pit. The Lover of All things Chocolate. If not for the note- this baby would have been gone by morning. grannie got the first slice. In all its crooked glory!

I hope you all had a better new years eve than I did! I was in bed right after we rung in the new year. Wished henry was here.