When I hear “Shake and Bake”, I think of two things. One is from way back in the day when i was a cheerleader in Middle School. Cheerleading in New York is Useless. Especially when there are no sports teams, no competitions and no school events that would require a cheerleader. It was just the mere excuse i used to get out of class. “Can’t do this Math test Teach, I got practice!”. One of our cheers was called “shake and bake”

SHAKE *clap- clap*
Bake *clap- clap*
And rattle and rattle and rattle your snake…
God AWFUL cheer! but when we did our cheers for the school in the auditorium- every one loved it… but i think it has something to do with the fact that they were out of class.
My second thought of Shake and bake is mom. Mom has, since I was a little girl, used the variety of crunchy coatings on chicken and pork for our “fried” dinners. At some point in my childhood I never knew what real fried chicken was (ignorance is bliss) and while i love a greasy piece of fried chicken (dont lie- you know you do too) oven fried is my comfort food. Mom always bought the boxed mix but i thought i could make my own creation using panko…

Chicken legs and thighs. These babies were meant for stew but when comfort is calling you have to make sacrifices. See the sacrifices I make for the sake of this blog???

I wanted to create a nice “glue” for coating my chicken. I was considering egg yolks but then thought my favorite creamy dressing would be quick and easy because its already seasoned and a little goes a long way.

I placed a generous portion of the dressing in a freezer bag with the chicken and let it marinate overnight.

For my breading I will use Panko. Japanese bread Crumbs.

The Breading Station. Use one hand for wet stuff and one hand for dry stuff to avoid that awful coating build-up on your digits.

place breaded chicken in a non stick baking dish. Bake at 350 for about 40 mins… 20 on each side.

To go with my chicken I prepared some Quinoa. I love this stuff! But then again, I love anything thats in the noodle/rice/ bread family. added some sweet corn to the mix. for texture. Love it this way!

And sauteed snap peas in soy sauce!

Success! and Delish!