Really trying to stick to this resolu-…. ahem, i mean goal to get fit this year. I have set realistic goals and am marvelling at my dedication.. I beleive its in part to my buddy system (hey mari!) The other part is me kicking my own butt! (and the shiny new ipod momma got me with all the helpful healthy apps!)
So, last night after my freezing walk with Mickey- who gets really picky about where to go in bad weather – i went home and mapped out my game plan. I was gonna do my EA active while dinner was cooking.
Since steaming brown rice takes 45 mins, I set it up and got ready to work out. Then I prepped some fish and let it marinate while i was getting my sweat on. I had some Lovely Mahi Mahi to cook up. I was debating on what to put on it because i was a little over the panko and plain old salt and pepper… and after finding a few recipes that piqued my interested i finally settled on a combination of a few different recipes with similar themes. I chose a korean style marinade… you know how much i love Korean Food!

Soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, brown sugar and scallions. I realized i forgot to buy scallions so i omitted them.. but it still was fab!

I poured a tablespoon of sesame oil into a bowl and rolled the mahi mahi into it to coat. then free poured soy sauce to slightly cover the fish. I sprinkled a tablespoon of brown sugar into the bowl and rubbed it into the fish. then i splashed a few drops of vinegar into the bowl. I rolled the fish over to coat and then sprinkled garlic powder onto each side and on the top a nice layer of red pepper flakes. I left it to marinate in the fridge.
45 mins later. Very sore. Very hungry. and Very DONE with EA Active. I removed the rice and heated the grill pan.
then steamed some broccoli. 10 minutes to perfectly cooked veggies. Love my steamer!

And when the grill pan was nice and hot I transferred my yummy looking Mahi Mahi to the pan and grilled 3 minutes per side.

sizzle action!

Bon appetit! Dunno if it was because i worked up an apptetite or because this ISH was GOOD. It reminded me of my baked tofu recipe. The ingredients really complimented the flavor of the fish. Mahi mahi can taste a bit fishy but with soy glaze… it was a pleasant flavor. Guess what im having for din din tonight??
that is… if Im still alive. Im going to the gym with mari…
Pray for me.