I never lost my legs… but I really really really wish I could temporarily remove mand go about my life until they stop hurting- then put them back on again. I was really killin’ it in the fitness realm and the ONE day i was left to workout on my own I KILLED myself. Then to make matters worse I resumed my workout schedule with Mari on top of my already sore thighs… and then yesterday i could barely walk.
And I know what you’re gonna say..”its a good pain”… yea… HELL NO. The good pain was two days ago. Yesterdays pain felt like my muscles were packing up and leaving my body. Every step i took felt like my legs were going to buckle from under me. I was upset too because It was my last chance workout at the gym before my long MLK weekend in my cousins house.
I went to the drug store and picked up some Epsom Salt and tylenol for muscle aches and pain. When i got home, i walked the dog…SLOWLY lol. and after my soak and a long stretching session I am happy to say i am feeling 85% better! I have that GOOD PAIN now that tells me I worked hard but not to the point where i over did it. And that tylenol is a GODSEND.
yesterdays eats.
I had a cup of POM Kiwi. Pom is too strong for me so i dilute it. Gotta get in those antioxidants! woot! Each sip was accompanied by a painful attempt to straighten my legs.

Needing a break from my oats I had a yummy bowl of puffins peanut butter cereal. I beleive the puffin on the box is the cutest friggin thing ever (aside from Mickey) and this cereal is delectable! Best part is the peanut buttery milk at the end. SLURP!

random midday munchies. I am sort of over the lara”bites”. I like a granola texture better than this “chewy” and raw kinda taste… My gala apple was sensational but it really needed a mini babybel light. Nothing better than apples and cheese!
For lunch I had a sandwich and cup of chicken broth- which was wonderful for this cold weather.
When I got home I was sooo hungry for dinner and really wanted to be bad:
BUT i didn’t eat this. This is an old pic. (mari, did you have a heart attack thinking i cheated?) I wont lie, I really really wanted to go nuts last night but I stuck to my regimen.
I grilled some onions on my really old, needs to be thrown away grill pan.
Placed two 2 oz chicken breasts lightly seasoned with salt and pepper on a screaming hot grill pan while the onions carmelized. In a seperate not pictured pan, I sauteed a giant portobello mushroom.
i saw this done on Simply Delicioso a few years ago and when I need a quick fix, its my go-to option. carmelized onions on a grilled chicken breast! YUM! and its been so long sicne I have had a portobello mushroom- i forgot how good and filling they are!
I beleive now that my overeating was done out of boredom. For the past 2 weeks I went home, and worked out right away and by the time i was done it would be time for dinner (and also kind of late) so all i would have time to do is eat and relax a little. For the sake of my legs I skipped the work out and saw that I was fighting this urge to snack- its amazing to realize!
My craving killer last night was a huge mug of Hot Chai tea!
So, to those of you that are getting healthy this year or who cook healthily on a regular basis… what are you comfort HEALTHY dinners? and what tips do you have to combat the snack attack???