It was my sissy’s birthday over the long weekend so we decided to head down to Delaware to hang with her.
We got there around 11, picked up the gang and headed to my family’s favorite spot for lunch. Everyone was excited… I was praying for will power.
Spence’s is a dope spot (yes, i said dope) in Tracey’s area. Its run by the Amish people… so you know what that means, right?
GOOD and HEARTY eating.
But I embrace the challenge to see how well i would do when handed with temptation like this. If I can make the right choices HERE, this new years resolution will be a cake walk.
There is a main dining area and its set up like an old school cafeteria. Bright tables, mismatched chairs, giant rolls of paper towels… obviously, people dont come here for the decor.
Inside Spence’s is a wide array of kiosks with homemade eats. One man was making rice cakes that popped out of a machine. He offered samples of the “16 calorie” rice cakes with creamed cheddar cheese… another homemade treat… There isnt a picture because I resisted the free sample. But that ish looked GOOD.
Moving right along, a cheese section with homemade local cheeses and free samples of the cheese. In the past I have sat at the counter trying every type of cheese they offered. There is nothing like fresh homemade cheese… i resisted this too.
My father made a bee line for the most crowded kiosk- the roasted meats. I didnt take a pic of the area out of respect for the workers- i dont think they would fancy their faces on the internet. the most famous item- the roast pork sandwich and the pulled pork sandwich. Mom told me this wouldnt be up there in calories if i got a smaller roll… but the point wasnt the calories, it was how I would feel after eating this thing. Would I be satisfied? Would I be enticed to eat more? I opted out. My father got the one pictured above and added a loving slather of mayonaise (REAL Mayo!) and gave me a slice of the pork to taste. (ho-lee- shit) It was soo goooood. I had to get out of there…

and spotted pretzel dogs. The kids had the pretzel dogs. Plump hot dogs in buttery, salty, pretzel dough. For a second, i really considered getting on line at the meat section and getting that stupid sandwich…
But i didnt.
I got on line in the pizza section. I was eyeing a grilled chicken salad that looked fresh and delicious. Unfortunately, i didnt act fast enough and it was snatched up before i could decide. The other salads offered were made with chicken salad or tuna salad and they both looked heavy on the mayo… the last salad was the ham and cheese salad.
More ham and cheese than salad. It was a mammoth salad for about $5. FIVE FREAKIN DOLLARS! I could live here! (wait… scratch that last thought). I asked for dressing on the side and the sweet amish girl gave me a medium sized soda cup FILLED with dressing! GADZUKES! I knew that if i ate this salad as it was I would have fared better with the pulled pork sammy. I picked off most of the ham and cheese…. and the kids ate it along with their yummy looking pretzel dogs. I was happy that I stuck to my regimen. And I only had about 2 tablespoons of the dressing. I took the longest to eat 🙂
and then we walked around and passed the freshly baked cakes and pies…where I made a Uturn and got far far far away from there…
and somehow ended up in the candy section.
I had a bag of yogurt pretzels in my hands… but i put them down and went outside to inhale the fresh air. : -)
Spoiler alert… I cheat BIG TIME at dinner…
Till tomorrow bloggies!