Happy Birthday 21st (plus a few more) Tracey! You dont look a day over 18!
I told you yesterday there was an EPIC cheat coming up… a calorie fest of epic proportions… and this is it.
This is where I take my month of hard work and succumb to the aromas of smoked ribs and fresh bread. This is where I throw all my will power out of the window…
And this is where they make the birthday girl sit on a saddle and yell YEHAW at her. Yep, Im for SURE not in New York anymore. AS you can see from the photo above, the good looks run in the family. Lookin’ good Tre’… and remember that i love you dearly before you tell your husband that you are going to kill me. Surely, you had to know that if i snapped a pic of you it was likely to end up on this lovely blog.
We went to Texas Roadhouse… on a saturday night. And so did every one else. The wait with a reservation was 45 minutes.

But they had peanuts for snackage while we waited.

I wish i can say thats the number of peanuts I consumed but the truth is that this is probably what was left AFTER i snacked…

And I felt really bad for the kid that had to clean this mess up! The peanuts there are endless! That huge barrel is full of peanuts, when you get seated, you get a small bucket of peanuts, next to your table is another barrel of peanuts… everywhere!!!

When we were seated we were given two baskets of fresh bread. I have a serious weakness for fresh bread and had a roll… (plus one more)

With whipped cinnamon sugar butter. Seriously Roadhouse- you’re killing me! And when we finished our 2 baskets…why did two more come out?

This is not New York so there were no calorie stats on the menu. But guessing by the contents of hte menu, even the salads were gonna start at or around 1000 calories. After a quick text from Mari… who said I am entitled to ONE cheat… I went for the half slab of ribs.

I ordered a drink. Strawberry Margarita. There are no margaritas on the planet of New York that can match up to the margaritas in 5 Burro Cafe… but everyone was having one so i went for it. BAD idea. We are definitely not in New York; where the drinks are strong and the and margaritas taste good. This margarita was so WEAK. It tasted like strawberry puree.. and it wasnt just mine. My parents ordered a Grey goose martini that tasted like pure water. Roadhouse, do you water down your alcohol??? shame on you! I returned my drink and went for this:

A Jamaican cowboy. i have no idea what is in it but its mighty fruity tasting and i could have chugged this on an empty stomach and not feel a single buzz…I cant wait to get my margarita at 5 burro cafe!

Mom and tre got a caesar salad to start and I had to have a bite… I really liked the dressing. I ordered a mammoth half slab of ribs. Meaty slow cooked ribs. They were fantastic. I also ordered mashed potatoes with brown gravy to go with it. The taters were heavenly.

in an effort to have ONE green veggie in my meal i opted for the green beans… that came smothered in bacon and onions. DAMN. I tasted them- they were okay but my heart was set on fresh sauteed green beans.
Surprisingly, i didnt eat everything on my plate- my hard work is definitely paying off! But I still have to see if my calorie fest has an effect on the scale this week! Wish me luck!

Birthday Saddle anyone???