If you all can read this- it means you didn’t try to eat the ribs off of your computer screen. I’m happy to report that today I am down .9 lbs despite my rack of ribs! (But you must know that I have been Killing myself at the gym since then! Pounds just dont Fall off my themselves ya know)
But before I ate that massive Texas Roadhouse dinner, I was in the kitchen baking with my neice. My sis needed a birthday cake. I was out of my comfort zone and without my tools to make a cake from scratch so i made a cake the lazy way.
DISCLAIMER: yes, I did Lick the cake batter off of the whisk and I did taste the frosting as i frosted the cake. So sue me.
I wanted to make a 3 layer fruit filled yellow cake with white frosting. A winning combination in my book.. always.. Unless there is chocolate. And since I knew major damage was gonna be done for dinner, I made sure the cake was yummy but not a trigger for me. Yeah, i think ahead. For the lazy method, you will need 2 boxes of cake mix, one can of pie filling or cake filling, and 2 containers of frosting… not 4 ( i also doubt myself a lot so i am over prepared).
Prepare the cake batter according to the directions on the box and divide the batter into three 9-inch cake pans. I filled my pans about halfway with batter. The leftover batter is good for keeping kids quiet (but be warned that later they will bounce off the walls and their mother will say “whats gotten into them?” whereupon you will play dumb and act like you didnt give them a butt load of sugar a few hrs before dinner)
When the cakes are done, allow them to cool.
At this point I would be reaching for my handy dandy cake trimmer but it was sitting in my kitchen in Kew Gardens… which is not helpful. Luckily sis had a bread knife which was sharp enough, and long enough to get the job done. You want to make a flat surface.

like so. this makes the stacking process easier. And you can feed the cake scraps to your niece and nephew (keeping in mind that the sugar high hasn’t fully kicked into their systems)

Spread half of your pie filling onto the first layer. make sure you cover the surface well to ensure an even fruity layer. (note: i would normally flip the layer upside down for the best flat surface… but i forgot)

then i remembered to flip the next layer and emptied the pie filling. i spread it around a little better and then let the niece list the fruity pie crap off the spoon. Her mother is probably reading this and wanting to kill me!

Add the third and final layer after trimming, upside down. Looks funny now but the frosting is the best part.
The way i like to frost is whipping the frosting to loosen it up and then empty the entire contents on to the center of the top layer. then i kinda just spread it around and let the excess drip down the sides. the 2nd canister of frosting is to hide all the naked spots.

At this point you should stop your niece from licking the excess frosting on the cake plate because the sugar high is really starting to kick in…and go ahead, lick your finger while you are at it. Keep telling yourself that you arent going to have any….

i lied to myself. This might be the lazy way but its time consuming. I heard lots of yummy noises and mom, who is a big fan of the boxed cakes, proclaimed this as my best cake ever…with that kind of praise how could i resist…

Messy. But yummy. i had a slice. It was part of my epic cheat.
Back on track now!
woo hoo!!!