Remember this? Usually, when I make a cake of this size I have a bit of cake scraps left and a bit of frosting. Instead of wasting it… or even worse, nibbling on it… i recruited my neice to help me make some cake truffles (or as Tracey kept correcting me- CAKE BALLS)

Leftover cake shavings from three layers of cake.

FROSTING! MMM. Mix it all up to make cake junk and there is such thing as adding too much frosting. I would stick with 1/2 to 3/4 of a jar of frosting. (i added the entire thing)

At this point one should refrigerate or freeze this cake junk so its hard enough (twss) to roll into balls.
But because I was in a rush, I popped these in the freezer for about 30 mins which was not enough time to harden the junk. Tracey melted some chocolate for me and Ciera to dunk the not so ready cake balls into. they werent ready to be rolled at all but I wanted them done… YOU CANT RUSH CAKE TRUFFLES!

I was rolling and dunking quickly and the project was failing. Ciera started to help when I gave up…

and she was patient and took her time…

which is why hers came out so cute..

and mine so ugly. We froze these a bit but they were a lost cause.
They werent the best batch of cake truffles. In the end it tastes like cake mush… yummy but it was really ugly and because I put too much frosting, they smushed when you picked them up.
Lesson to learn here: Dont Rush the Cake Truffles.