I missed friday. I am a little behind on posts but i cant waste these pics!
and im about to redeem my mother.
The morning after my rib and potato disaster, i awoke and did Day one of Couch to 5K. in the rain. I came back wet from sweat and rain (and really proud of myself) to the smell of fried eggs.
My mother might not be the most amazing pancake chef… but she sure does know how to fry and egg. All the eggs for the exception of one that broke came out over medium… and poor dad always get stuck with the ugly one.

I had to be the odd ball and opt for a different kind of egg. I packed my grits with me for my mini vacay and was dying to have a soft boiled egg on top of my grits for a hearty after workout breakfast. (i love working out on an empty stomach…the next meal is like a reward)

I splurged and had a glass of orange juice with my grits. I almost hate orange juice but this was a fresh squeezed kind. REALLY pulpy and delicious.

Wish my eggs were a little softer. But it was still delicious. And while eating with everyone at the dining table i discovered that my late aunt used to LOVE grits and eggs. No one else in the fam (that i know of) like grits.. so thanks tia for the food love.

At lunch I had 4 cups of iceberg lettuce with shredded red cabbage and carrots with a Fat free ranch. YUM. (could have used some protein though)

got hungry and went for my new jar of wasabi peas.

I love these things. Its so hard for me to keep a jar of this size around. I have to pour a handful and put the jar away….id otherwise eat the whole thing.

Tracey made a wonderful dinner. Grilled Chicken Breasts, yellow rice and red beans. Not pictured is a spinach salad with italian style balsamic vinagrette. it was good! and I was within my budget for the day! woo hoo!