It could have been the excitement of seeing my profile on Downtown Lunch or the fact that I was on a cocktail of cold medicines taht I made myself beleive that i left my camera home. And if i would have had an appetite yesterday, I would have grabbed food from my lunch tote, which is where my camera was hiding… DUH, because I photograph everything i eat. Im such an ass.
Be that as it may, I am being a big baby about this cold. I havent been this sick in a long time. And admist the body aches, the sniffles and the low grade fever, i put on my dirty timberland boots with my spongebob squarepants pajama bottoms and walked my dog before bed wishing it would be next week already. Henry is scheduled to come home next week… had he already been here I could have taken my sick ass to bed and let the man walk the dog! and with that… does anyone want to walk my dog for me so i can get some rest???
Okay fine! I will put on my big girl panties and walk my dog myself.
Rewind to before I got sick. My friend Dan was celebrating happy hour the weekend before his birthday and his wife, Nechama, wanted to have dinner with me. Not just any dinner, an INDIAN feast! her hubs doesnt like to venture out of the Hamburger and fries genre whereas us chicas take on any food like its our job… buts its kind of a job for me.
Nechama moved to Forest Hills not to long ago and a few blocks away is Baluchis. It was walking distance for the both of us and I figured it would be a good pre-emptive strike against excess cals.

I did my homework on indian cuisine and made notes of what to avoid. It was a light day eating wise so i was able to indulge a tiny bit at dinner. To start we ordered plain naan. Something about bread just makes me happy. Naan is indian bread that is cooked in a clay pot. I noticed that the Keyfood near me sells naan… that is a very dangerous thing!

We both wanted appetizers but I made a promise to myself to behave in any way that I could. Nechama tried to convince me to get Samosas which are balls of chickpeas and potatoes that are “baked”. I am no fool- samosas are FRIED. to confirm I asked the waiter and he said yes they are fried. I had a bite and it was heavenly….

There was an appetizer that caught my eye… one that I didnt plan for. Vegetable kebabs. I thought I was getting chunks of veggies on a stick… lol. But these kebabs are mashed veggies with indian spices and baked on a stick. there about 100 calories each and pretty damn tasty. I need to stop making decisions like this without doing my research… but I was lucky with this choice.

For the main course Nechama got the Curried Lamb. Tender, smoky, a little sweet and really really delicious.

we split a bowl of basmati rice. I love the texture of this rice. And the peas were a really nice touch!

I got the tandoori chicken which is a yogurt marinated chicken that is roasted inside a clay pot. Its tender and has a lovely flavor. The redness is a bit deceiving as this chicken is not spicy hot at all. Its delish! and probably one of the lower calorie options when having indian.

And again, i went off my plan and ordered something unresearched but yummy sounding.. Kheer. Indian rice pudding. Creamy. chocked full of soft rice, plump raisins and cashews. it was the perfect amount of sweet and i left completely stuffed.
It was really cold that night but I was glad I was able to walk off that food! I had some lovely leftovers to take home for the next day!
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