Yesterday, Mari and I were given an amazing opportunity to tour The Lite Choice. Claudia, The Director of Operations over at The Lite Choice extended an invitation to tour the facility and learn about how their soft serve is made. In my excitement at the offer, I called Mari who also had an oppportunity. We figured it would be great if we did our tour together.
When we arrived, we were a bit early but we made our selves comfy and looked around.
I love the decor in the store- mainly because i love soft colors. They are so calming. When we sat down we began the unofficial tasting.

I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to play a Wild Card when she offered which flavors I wanted to try. She chose for me the Peanut butter, hazelnut fudge, coconut and french vanilla.

So awesome! The cup was a small and it was filled to the brim with sampling goodness!

Mari got the Peanut Butter, French Vanilla and Coconut… she approves with a big thumbs up.

I started to mix mine up… it was delish. Looking back, i wish I would have combed my hair a bit. 🙂 the joys of hat hair 🙂

Looking around we saw the calorie ranges of the sizes on the menu board. You are all probably thinking “Oh No, Mo cheated” but i assure you, I didnt break the diet in the slightest way (of course, i did eat enough ice cream to miss dinner)
The Lite Choice is an all natural, low calorie, lower fat, low carb soft serve with OVER 50 Organic Flavors! There are no artificial ingredients or corn syrups. Most locations are certified Kosher too!
There were 6 featured soft serves of the day but what I love about The Lite Choice is that you can order any flavor on the menu at no additional charge! My favorite is the peanut butter soft serve and on days when its not being offered in the big machine, you can order a freshly made one! yuuuuum! and they even have an almond butter machine! sweet! Fresh nut butter is amazing!
Mari wanted to try the pina colada.
Start with Original soft serve,

add some coconut and some pineapple,

mix it all up…

and eat! I enjoyed this one… but Mari LOVED it… mostly due to the fact that she LOVES anything pina colada!

We also got to taste the fresh peanut butter, almond butter, banana, and the reamining pina colada. All we could do was say YUM! i fell in love with the almond. the texture was heavenly as well as the flavor!

PHOTO OP! Mari and I wore green…and we didnt even plan that! great minds think alike!

Just when i thought I was blown away with the softserve, they brought out the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. Coffee Freeze. I should just state taht I am a coffee fiend as it is… and this was perfection. The perfect strength of coffee with the perfect sweetness as well as a creamy texture. this might be my go-to iced coffee fix this summer!

but in the mean time i will warm up with their hot-choco-lite! An all natural lower calorie hot chocolate. Its rich and decadent. Its made with all natural ingredients and is super cheap! 99cents! cant beat that!

You’ve got something for everyone at The Lite Choice!

I want to thank Claudia, the Director of Operations, and Ron, the President and CEO of THE LITE CHOICE for their generosity and all the wonderful treats they provided. They not only showered us with samples but have allowed for us to end our blogger meet up at one of their queens locations! They really do know the true meaning of customer service and i KNOW they will be very very successful in all their future endeavors. I am happy to spread the word of such an awesome company. Thanks Guys! i will be back!!!
Heres what I love about The Lite Choice:
– a Small is true to size. You will always get the right amount each time. Perfect for calorie counters (ahem, like me!)
– You can satisfy a sweet tooth without destroying your diet! As much as I ate last night i still woke up with a huge loss on the scale (down 5lbs!)
– The flavor is all there without the aftertaste of artificial flavors and sweeteners
– ANY FLAVOR at ANY time! You will never be disappointed!
– ice cream cakes! made with their lower calorie soft serve!
– ice cream bars! also made with their lower calorie soft serve!
– they are awesome!
There seem to be locations everywhere! See if there is one by you.
Claudia and Ron… thank you thank you sooooo much! I cant wait to bring my friends and fam!!!!
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