Make no question… I will try anything once. In fact, my parents don’t know where I got my adventurous taste buds from because if they look at something and are unsure of what it is they are likely to say “no thanks” whereas I say “I’ll give it a whirl”… of course I wont just eat ANY ol’ thing… it has to at least sound or look appealing.
Before I met Mari, she was taking a peek at my blog thinking “is this girl asian?” because I love all asain cuisines and when i confrimed that i was hispanic she was all “huh?”. LOL. And after a quick round of 20 questions she ws open to the idea of trying something different.
I absolutely love that about people. Being open to trying new things is good for you. If you don’t like it, you can honestly say to yourself that you don’t like and will never have to eat it again! Can you beleive the first time i tried Japaenese food I DESPISED it? But I gave it another shot a few years ago and it was love….
Brings me to Wednesday afternoon. Mari and I had a tour planned for later in the evening with Claudia at The Lite Choice and it was easiest for me to take the afternoon off and have a nice lunch with Mari.
We were going to get Thai but this cold was craving something hot and healing…. PHO! Vietnamese it was…
Thai Son on Baxter street is a busy place. They never have delivery service before 3pm. The staff are always a bit hasty because there are always people waiting to be seated. Mari and i got there at a good time and scored a big table.
“Mo, are you SERIOUSLY taking a pic right now?”
YES. Smile Dammit.
She didnt smile but she give me the “Imma Kick Yo ass” face… so we proceeded to ordering.
They gave us some tea. Wished it was green tea but I sipped this to soothe my scratchy throat.

Knowing how much Mari likes peanut butter I ordered the Summer Rolls with Satay sauce. I tweaked the satay with a drop of chili sauce for a nice kick. Summer rolls are shrimp, vermicielli, lettuce, mint rolled into a sheet of rice paper. Mari hates fishy tastes and this one was a bit too fishy for her.. My bad. Im usually pretty good at guessing what people would like but so far i score ZERO.

I order the shredded chicken noodle Pho…I beleive its Pho Ga and I beleive it has healing powers. for $6.50 i got a massive bowl of hot soup packed with chicken, carmelized onions, cilantro and lots of rice noodles. I let Mari taste the soup too… verdict: meh. Shes killing me!
I suggested marinated beef cubes with rice because everyone I have ever taken to eat here loves that dish but Mari is not “everyone”. She chose her own dish…

Vegetarian Spring Rolls over rice vermicielle and lettuce. The veggie spring rolls were surprisingly good… but then again- you can fry anything and it will still taste good. Mari enjoyed the dish except for one factor: MINT. Had there been no mint in her lettuce she might have consumed the entire dish.
Verdict: I think she would come back for this dish if she remembered to say NO MINT!
My Verdict: I eat here once a week – I love it here!
THAI is NEXT. Get Ready Mari!