Being a blogger for a little over a year now I have FINALLY had my first blogger meet up. Over the last year I have had the pleasure of connecting with local bloggers via email and the rare face to face meetup and I have been DYING to meet everyone. Mari and Sarah decided to round up the locals and Missy chose the venue. Since she is a big fan of 5 burro Cafe she thought the others would enjoy it as well… lucky for me I have been here before and I LOVE IT HERE!
the Attendees were Me, Missy, Mari, Sarah, Julie, Joanne, Dawn, and Jen.
Missy did us a favor and got there early to get our name on the list. This place is a little on the small side and even on a slow night there is a wait. Luckily we waited about 15 minutes….if that!
We were seated in a nice long table in the back. They served us some corn tortilla chips and fresh homemade salsa. We were so busy chatting and giggling that we kind of forgot that they were there (good thing for me!)… and then the cameras came out! 8 bloggers plus 8 cameras- sooo many awesome pics!

from left to right, Joanne, Mari and Sarah. I snapped this pic as Jen was coming in.

Missy, Julie, and Dawn.
And I must say, this is one gorgeous group of blogging ladies! And we all had a lot in common!

Time for drinks! I love their margaritas! The kind of margaritas that sneak up on you with their potency. I got the raspberry. Only one! I was on cold meds and didnt want to chance getting loopy on everyone (even though I am already a little loopy as it is).

Missy was the only one to snap a picture of the toast. But cheers to a fantastic group of ladies!

Stole this pic from Mari- its a great pic- if i must say myself. I’ve known missy via email for a year so it was so nice to finally meet her!

Me, Missy, Julie and Dawn.

Our food took forevs to arrive! And the consensus was that the Steak Fajitas were the cats pajamas! So good. Buttery and juicy skirt steak seasoned perfectly along with yummy grilled peppers and onions, rice, guac and sour cream. Julie got a shrimp salad and it looked REALLY good!!!

The poor waiter got stuck with 8 cameras and made us say Tequila about 16 times! But he managed to get everyone and it came out great! The meal was fantastic! and I was most looking forward to what was coming next!
No, we didnt bar hop!
Last week, when Mari and I had our tour at The Lite Choice, they heard about our blogger meet up and arranged for the Forrest Hills Location to stay open an extra hour JUST FOR US! We were so psyched!
The walk to TLC was short and when we walked into the store, My big mouth announced “the bloggers have arrived”!
wasting no time, i asked Stephanie for a snickers. Any Flavor, any time! She served me some chocolate soft serve and put a healthy portion of fresh peanut butter and mixed away!

Delicious! Before I put my spoon in i offered tastes to the other ladies who were still deciding.. the majority declared it was yummy! I loved the fresh peanut butter in it! it made for a yummy texture! I saw they had some pints prepared and one of them was called O’Henry. Henry will be home after his 3 month business trip this coming thursday and I think that will be a cute little surprise! Here we are! Enjoying out Lite Choice Soft Serve!
thank you to THE LITE CHOICE for accomodating us! It was the perfect end to a great night!