For the past 10 days I have been self diagnosing myself with a cold, allergies, sinus infection and whatever else I have felt like. I was so grateful to have felt kind of like myself at the blogger meetup and the next day the situation (fist pumps) snow-balled into something ugly. I havent been sick in two years… not this sick at least. But Sick enough to travel an hour and a half out of my way to see my ENT. My savior. My doctor. He gave me the healing drugs (praise cheeses) and as I sit here typing at my desk, i wish I was home in bed but i am feeling a teensy bit better. i am looking forward to feeling ALOT better tomorrow…
because in just two short days, Henritos will be home! the last three months have been so hard (TWSS) and I really appreciate all my new friends who have been so awesome.
But now that I am on my way to feeling better and Henry will be home… i feel as though a weight has been lifted!
Oats. I have always liked oats. The other day, Lynn made some savory oats and I immediately was intrigued. I have a love for grits because of their savory goodness but never knew my oats could be savory too… I had to try this out. The smell of oats makes me think “SWEET” definitely not savory. So I admit I was a skeptic from the start. I prepared half instant, half rolled oats and added some salt and pepper. While it was thickening, I made an egg over easy.

That was one gi-normous egg.

Served it atop my oats. the verdict: so good! the yoke was a nice addition to the savory oats. I couldnt beleive how satisfying it was!
Later in the day, I met my papa for a late lunch. I had a craving for a salad and went to my beloved Spaghetti Western. I looked online and planned ahead! I allotted myself a cool 600 cals for lunch because it was late in the day and I was likely to have a cup of soup for dinner.
the Grilled Tuna Nicoise Salad was calling my name. Seared Tuna, herbed poatoes, green beans, honey mustard vinagrette…all of it was calling out to me!
and thats when I got this…
A pretty looking interpretation of what a Nicoise Salad should be. It was filled with a lovely mix of greens… that was yummy. The tuna was nicely seared… however, it was topped with anchovies… i never tried them before but gave it a shot (verdict: SALTY but okay). Next I found some odd substitutions… snow peas instead of green beans, potato chips instead of herbed roasted taters, balsamic vinagrette instead of honey mustard… and orange sections. I need to know why anchovies and oranges are in the same salad. I moved the oranges to the side and ate them as dessert.
So, my dining adventure with dad has not gone the way i intended (AGAIN). I calculated this “salad” as acurately as possible and becuase I am sick I cant workout… it left me little options for dinner.

But i was totally psyched to have an ice cream bar for dinner! 🙂