Happy Friday bloggies!
Still home on my Stay-cation. Decided to go to the grocery store and stock up on essentials in the event of a snow storm. I went at 930 am on a Friday thinking I would have the whole place to myself… i was so wrong. It was soooo crowded! But I made it out alive and stocked up on milk, veggies, oats and snacks to hold me over. Peep my creamy Cinnamon Roll oats with a dab of cinnamon Raisin peanut butter. Soo good. I also stocked up on greek yogurt because lately, i see a lot of yogurt in the oats and i am so tempted! mmm! I will let you know if i loves it.

For lunchies I have been sticking to pretty much the same thing. Sandwich thins, flavored peanut butter and fluff! i got a huge jar of fluff for like $1.50 its become my favorite part of my pb sammies. Jams make the sammies messy and soggy, fluff just makes it sweet. πŸ™‚

I spoon a lump into the middle and wrap it up. When i get to work the fluff is spread nicely all over the bread. It makes for an awesome bite! I enjoy this with an apple and h20…if im in a snacky mood a bag of pop chips. but i was in the mood for something else…

healthy pop! a 2.5 serving bag. i ate the whole thing over the course of 3 hours. about 250 cals for the whole bag. so good. and I felt really greedy! tee hee.

For dinner I had a grilled tilapia fillet with a little teriyaki sauce, steamed broccoli, steamed rice, and balsamic mushrooms. This was so good. I really was trying to behave and save some for another day but it was just too good not to consume!

And i wanted to officially announce that Henry is back! Its so nice to have him back!

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend. Anyone making apps? My party got moved to another persons house so i am making brownies with marshmallow frosting and Mommy Crack!