Mickey hasn’t made an appearance yet… This is what she does when i am cooking. She grabs a toy, props it under head like a pillow, and naps while I do what I do in my kitchen. I seriously believe she was human in her last life. My hug muffin!
So trying to use up what was in my cabinets and freezer, I planned to make a big chicken stew and divide it up so i have dinner made for the week (before I have to start cooking for me and henry again) I started the meal without really checking my stock levels of supply… Can you see where this is headed?
I chopped up a head of cauliflower and put it to steam. Note to self: cauliflower is better when it is roasted.
I reached for my bag of chicken legs and then my tomato sauce to toss in the pot and realized… i was out of tomatoes. And then I thought…oh well- better just bake some chicken and make rice and beans. Again, making a decision without checking my supplies.

I season the chicken with any and everything that sounds good… onion, garlic, italian seasoning, salt, pepper, a dash of cumin… and set that baby up to roast.

I steamed some brown rice. Then I went to get the pot of beans ready and i realized… i was out of beans too.

I let the chicken finish cooking and when it was done, i let it cool on the stove while i walked to the bodega in my bright pink princess pajama bottoms. My mother would be so embarassed… but i walk out in my pjs all the time. all. the. time. My neighbors look at me funny when i walk mickey in my spongebob pjs too… im just all about making a statement. πŸ™‚ princess pants needed some beans for din din.
I scored the beans and realized i also forgot a mini can of tomato sauce- since i was gettign beans why not get hte sauce for next time right?

I ended up using the thick sauce that comes in the can of black beans and lots of water to make my own sauce. I added a potato to the mix becuase mom always told me the potatoes such up the extra salt… but they cook pretty damn well in the beans so if it aint broke- dont fix it. I added adobo and sofrito to the beans and let them cook for about 30 mins.

It was a FEAST! and this is my little plate- doesn’t it look FULL! mmm mmm mmmm.
So excited as I type this because henry is coming home tonight! yay!