*thank you all so much for your supportive comments! I feel wonderfully positive today and I appreciate all your love and support! xoxoxoxox!*
I woke up and was dying to dig into my goodies from FoodBuzz Tastemaker Program….
Fruit crisps and some much needed granola…. But my body wanted something else

a tall mug of chicken broth with chili powder. My throat was a little scratchy and my cough is still not completely broken so something hot, soothing, with a spicy kick was just what I needed! When Im starving from time to time and know im going out to eat a big meal i have a mug of broth to fill up a bit. That lovely mug was a comforting 5 calories. FIVE. And for me its a craving killer!

Around lunchtime I grabbed a fluffernutter.Honey peanut butter, a thin layer of dark chocolate peanut butter and a heaping tablespoon of fluff for a sweet sandwich!
followed by two mammoth oatmeal raisin flax cookies from kashi. And a tiny bit of Lactaid milk… (i must note that since switching to lactaid- my stomach has totally calmed down after any dairy consumption! yay!)
Around dinner, I really didnt want anything huge to eat. There was a serious comfort thing going on. So I indulged in my comfort and had a creamy bowl of farina.

I made it with water, a touch of salt, and a packet of splenda.

and then a little cinnamon and butter. Oh good Lord! i just love me some hot cereal!