Before I get into the juicy (oh, I’m so clever) details of this post, I need to bitch and moan for a second about snow in New York. In Manhattan last night it was a slushy disgusting MESS and it kept snowing on top of it. When I got home, there was snow everywhere! Not a shovel in sight! It made for an interesting evening when i had to walk my dog (who was eating snowballs that i threw at her). This morning, Not a single path to walk in Queens because the ASSHATS of the world did not shovel. So I strapped on my ice grips and walked to the train. When i get to the city, there’s barely any snow because its all melted into black puddles of slush. So when you are walking to work with your $6 latte and step onto what you think is solid ground, you nearly freakin drown in a dirty puddle in Manhattan and your life flashes before your eyes while simultaneously trying to save your latte because before you die you want to taste it… but you are saved because the puddle, while seeming to be bottomless is only about 6 inches deep… and now you are soggy from the shins down with cramp-ons on your boots for no good reason.
Ah, that feels better. I hope you are DRY, warm and cozy where ever you are reading this!
The other day, I missed a package from UPS. Such is life… i ALWAYS miss packages. Why doesn’t UPS have a pickup service on the weekends or after 5? I’d be their best customer!
So when I missed the package, I called UPS to see who it was from. They said Victoria’s Secret. I was really confused to see this on my doorstep:
Victoria’s Secret is really branching out!
But it was really a package from the SODA CLUB! My Soda Stream is here! Soda is my WEAKNESS and i haven’t indulged in soda as much as i used to in the past because of all the waste and chemicals. Which is why my Zevia supply was depleted rather quickly…But i was intrigued by SodaStream when I first read Mom On The Run’s review. She’s been drinking more water because of her Soda Stream and anything that helps me drink more water is a must have!
So after careful consideration, i decided to give this baby a try!
I got quite a bit of samples to try! I got a sample of syrups to enjoy- a wide array of bevvys from cola to flavored seltzer. This is pretty awesome because when i have get-togethers, I wont have to buy soda, i can just make my own!!!!

It doesn’t require batteries or a power cord. It runs on CO2. When I run out of CO2, i can bring my booty to william sonoma and trade in my old one with a deposit for a new one. easy peasy.

it came with 2 reusable one liter bottles.

My first night, i got crack-a-lacking…. i started with some purified water up to the line at the top of the bottle. Place the bottle in the machine, press button three times to hear a LOUD buzz… its really loud. At first I wasn’t pressing hard enough and when it finally Buzzed, the damn thing exploded out of the bottle. lol. When you release the bottle from the machine it lets out a loud hiss sound that kind of sounds like the soda has landed safely from an unidentified flying object…

When its done, add your syrup. I wanted some flavored seltzer, so my syrup is clear… and i have waaaay too many bubbles. But after some practice I have the science of it all down pat…

Bottoms up!
I will need to move to a bigger kitchen with all these gadgets now but I love the sodastream. And im currently sipping a berry flavored seltzer as we speak. So am i drinking more water? YES and Im saving money on soda!